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combined insurance


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I also sell insurance for a living. Combined trys to sell to everyone at a place of work, an add on to you health insurance that will cover if you get hurt or cancer or the like. If you feel you have a need for such coverage you will be better off going to your own agent and ask about Disability Income insurance. This will cover much more and you can base your coverage off of your wage. Much better protection but higher cost. Your odds of being disabled during your working years are far more than being killed so this is a vauable product but again the cost is somewhat prohibiting.

just my 2cents

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I also am an Independent Insurance agent and have never heard of them. There is an agency in Minnetonka that went by CFG (Combined Financial Group) but was bought by Associated Bank out of WI in the last year or so. They do a lot of Health Insurance and some Property and Casualty.

Any other details on the company?

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I used to sell the stuff before I went back for my computer degree. It is mostly accident insurance, lump sum for certain kinds of injuries or death with a disability add-on. The cost used to be about $75 for 6 months if memory serves me well. It had $40 coverage for emergency health care if you went to the ER for an accident too. There were set limits to what they would pay.

It seems like people who worked outdoors in construction or logging purchased it or people got it for their accident prone kids.

They sold another line of hospital payment (per day basis) for hospitalization from illness and a life insurance product as well. Concentrated in rural areas (see you are from Buhl) but not as well received in the cities as we did most of our sales in rural Wisc and smaller cities.

Needless to say I got out of that line of work in a hurry, lot of time on the road, away from the family, and a lot of work to make ends meet. If you can see a lot of people a day, take rejection, and communicate half decent you can do that OK. The presentations are scripted.

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