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  1. Ole1855

    What is with this?

    The neighbor's up at my hunting shack live there year round, we have asked them to keep an eye on our place when we're not there. Also they're retired and occassionally travel, when they're going to be gone, they let us know so if we're at the shack we watch their land. On MANY occassions, they have kicked people off our land and we off theirs, I'd say, it's just a matter of looking out for your neighbor. Ole
  2. Cooter, I currently use Ice Kings but I have a pair of the boot blankets that I have used in the past. What I found to work the best for me was to carry them out to the stand in a backpack, when I get to the stand, I remove my boots and put on a pair of felt liners and then put the boot blankets over them. It's like wearing bedroom slippers and you don't get snow and or dirt inside the boot blankets. Ole
  3. I actually like the week of Xmas-New Years Eve. I've taken several bucks the 28-31st, find a feeding area and follow their pattern. When it's really cold, the deer will tend to come out well before dark to feed. It can be a little challenging bow hunting when it's that cold but it's worth it. Ole
  4. Ole1855

    Gears That Is Needed

    Your license?? Ole
  5. Northlander, I have a company that will do general guide liability for around $500/yr., if you don't do any shore luch for clients, if you do the cost goes up quite a bit. Ole
  6. sunnyj, You are correct, not all companies surcharge, most do though, and when you ask your agent if they surcharge for a theft claim, ask them what % they surcharge, that varies from one company to the next also. One of the companies I insure through, has a 30% surcharge, if you're paying around $1000 for homeowner's, you can do the math. Ole
  7. There is one big drawback to insuring your fish house on your homeowner's policy. If you're looking to cover things such as weather related damage or damage that may be done during towing, that's not too much of a problem, where the problem lies is theft. If you insure your fish house on your homeowner's and you make a theft claim, your whole homeowner's policy premium WILL be surcharged. On top of that, don't plan on shopping around for cheaper insurance when it does go up because your insurance report will show a theft claim and there's not too many companies that will take you and the ones that will, will not be cheap. I always tell my insured's to have separate policies for their toy's. An individual policy for the fish house will cost you a little more than adding it to your homeowner's but if you ever plan on making a theft claim, more than likely it will be cheaper in a long run. Ole
  8. Thanks Chuck, I was starting to pull out what little hair I have left, thinking I was doing something wrong. Thanks Ole
  9. Why when I follow the directions to post a pic, only the link to Imageshack shows up??? Why doesn't the pic come up?? I resized it to better fit the page and all I get is a link, before I resized it, it showed but it was HUGE!!!!
  10. Well my daughter definitely out fished me this year, she boated a 31" Walleye on Mille Lacs on one of our outings, I have a picture on a CD but I'm not sure how to post it here. If anyone wants to tell me how or post it for me, I can email it to you. I don't know why only a link shows up for the picture, I posted it and it showed up but it was HUGE, after I resized it only the link shows up!!! HELP!! Ole [image][/image]
  11. The house is 8'x16' but we just put brand new skids under it that are 22', we are planning on doing an addition. Ole
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fish house mover, I have my house at Mac's Twin Bay and I want to move it over by Rocky Reef, if anyone has a phone # please either post it or email me. Also, I'm looking for someone that doesn't charge and arm and a leg, last time I had it moved, it was $150, I'm okay with that. Ole
  13. Ole1855

    Gun safety

    brave57, I talked to my buddy last nite, he said his certification ran out this summer, so he can't help. I started thinking, why don't you call around to several of the rifle ranges in your area, I would bet that some of the volunteers that help run these ranges are certified safety instructors and they could do the field test for you. Ole
  14. Ole1855

    Gun safety

    braves57, One of my hunting buddies is a certified gun safety trainer and he lives in Andover, I'll shot him an email and ask if he could or knows someone that could do a field test for you. Ole
  15. Ole1855

    Gas savers

    Oops, my bad, they are actually load range C. Now to get back to what Valv suggested. I haven't done this but a friend did and this is what he has told me. He bought the KN airfilter system and put it on his new Chevy pickup, I think he said it ran him about $350, he said he has picked up 3-4 mpg. This is second hand info. but the guy hasn't lied to me before.
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