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Sauk lake

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Is there any late season duck hunting available on Sauk Lake? In-laws are purchasing half of diamond point.(Not sure where it is on the lake) I've never been on the lake for anything so I'm hoping they close soon before it freezes up.


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In the early 1980's we used to hunt Sauk Lake every weekend. Early in the season we hunted the far north end and did ok on teal, woodies and mallards. In the late season we hunted a land point in the middle of the lake (a friends cabin was near it and they gave us permission) and the hunting was feast or famine. A couple of my best diver shoots occurred there and we also got some late season mallards. That being said we also had many skunks. If the migration was in full swing we did well. The lake didn't seem to hold many locals and it didn't hold the migraters for very long. Its worth a shot if the weather and the migration is cooperating.

I don't know where the point you are referring to is. The point we hunted was mid-lake on the east side.

Good luck.

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Welcome to the neighborhood! I live on Sauk Lake. I am about in the middle of the lake, across the lake from the Sauk Centre Country Club. I know exactly where your in-laws place will be and if you look on map of the lake it is the point that extends south out of the extreme north side of the lake. You should get some great hunting there early in the season because it seems like an ideal spot.

The duck hunting has been slow this year on the lake. I think I have heard shots about 5 mornings all year on the lake. I hunt every weekend and usually one of two nights a week and I never hunt the big lake. There are plenty of nice little WPA around the area that usually hold a few birds and supply a little hunting opportunities. My dad and his buddies talk about how good Diamond Point used to be for ducks, but it has been slow the last few years. If you ever need a hunting partner with a few decoys and a lab to come over and help you test it out, give me a hollar.

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