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curved or straight blades


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I am looking at buying a gas auger this year. I am either going to get the eskimo shark or the eskimo mako. They have either the curved blades or the straight blades and i dont know what the diference is between the two. I was wondering which one to get? Also which is the best size the 8,9,10 inch.

Thank You

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Auger size depends on what you mainly are fishing. If Iam fishing walleyes or norhtern I prefer the 10". It will help you land the bigger fish.But when it comes to panfish many times the smaller the better.For panfish I use either 8" or 5".It is a lot easier to pound many holes with a smaller auger and in shallow water the fish are spookier with a larger hole.

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The curved blades (turbo blades) only come in 6" and 8" where the straight blades (Quantum blades) come in 8", 9" & 10".

If I had to decide on a Eskimo auger the 8" turbo blades would be my choice. The turbo blades are a faster cutting blade. A 8" hole will cover 95% of your ice fishing needs.

The turbo blades have more contact with the ice allowing it to shave more ice.

Shark or Mako? This all depends if you want the chain saw engine or the Tecumseh 2hp engine. There is alot of talk about the chain saw engine. Being a Jiffy fan I will need others to inform you why they like the chain saw engine.

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