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  1. I use 2 lbs Vainish all winter long and have had really good success. You just need to change it more often and if you catch a big fish cut about 5 feet off.
  2. I had the same problem this weekend but downsized to #14 jig and spikes...and of course 2 lbs vanish.
  3. I am always on the move while panfishing. Got tired of throwing my poles on the snow while landing fish. I took a pistol holder and belt and modified it. Now when I get a fish on rather than throwing my pole down I just holster it.
  4. I target mainly panfish in 8' or less.Many times augering triggers the bite. My buddy and I call it rattling ice.It has worked many a weekend.
  5. I rig my baits traditionally as stated above but when fishng always throw them what I call the curve ball. Experiment with different hook sets, tail, side of tail ect.Sometimes a little different presentation will trigger a strike.
  6. I caught one that big but lost him in the hole. Lol
  7. Does accuracy very if the unit is in the battery save mode?
  8. The Fleet Boutique is a good place for common day gear. Specialty items and warm clothing I would go elsewhere. Its a great place though.I guy came buy underware, socks, jeans, flannel shirts. What a place!A sportmans mall.
  9. I took the wife ice fishing one day next to shany town. She asked me where was the best place to relieve herself. I gave her the 5 gallon bucket and said sit in the back bed of my truck. After she finished 4 guys came out of the shanty next to us and gave her a standing ovation.
  10. Hey dont get discouraged over people punching holes.If you are panfishing many times the more you auger the better they bite.
  11. Hey Matt pole looks like a good one. What length do they come in?
  12. Funny you should mention wolves. For the first time my buddy was surrounded by them and he was chased out of the woods.I think the DNR should re think this one. Maybe they will wait until someone gets killed before doing anything?
  13. Cheena Mfg Southway Enterprises Box 383 Markesan WI 53946
  14. Auger size depends on what you mainly are fishing. If Iam fishing walleyes or norhtern I prefer the 10". It will help you land the bigger fish.But when it comes to panfish many times the smaller the better.For panfish I use either 8" or 5".It is a lot easier to pound many holes with a smaller auger and in shallow water the fish are spookier with a larger hole.
  15. I have a chipper blade and end up scooping more ice out of the hole after drilling but it does cut faster.
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