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  1. IcePro

    New use for cordless drill

    Since everyone is on the band wagon of using their cordless drill for an auger why not use the drill for a trolling motor. Came across this picture and had to share
  2. Went for my very first time looking for Morels. Found many spots like this...
  3. IcePro

    Hauling portable on trailer hitch storage rack?

    What do you fit in a 8" truck box, I prefer a 8' truck box
  4. Escape route...what happens if the wind blows the snow and creates a big snowdrift in front of your door and you can not get out. You will also get better cross ventilation with windows open than just by opening the door. Why screens....to keep out the ice flies:)
  5. IcePro

    Hard Sided Rod Case Opinions Needed!

    Seen a rod case at Thorne Brothers by Expedition 36x12x5, with it being 5" in depth might have to fold down the handles.
  6. The same things applies with tip-ups and fish houses Fish House Ice Shelter Ice Shanty Shanty Coop Tip-ups Traps
  7. IcePro

    trailer hitch law ?

    So if the issue is about obstructing the license plate what about all the vehicles I saw today were the license plate was covered by snow.
  8. IcePro

    Dock BoatHouse (new lakehome)

    You might want to change the wording on what you asking. New Boathouse or Boat storage structures are not allowed in MN. Boat lifts with canopies are OK. Check the MN DNR HSOforum for more information.
  9. IcePro

    Watch out for crazy boaters!!

    If you only see a red light it is the port side of the boat, if there is no white light it means it is a sail boat. But in this case the launch should have had its white light on. If you have taken any boating courses the red light means they are the stand on water craft and you are the stand down / give-way water craft and are required to take early and substantial action to keep well away from other vessels by stopping, slowing down, or changing course. Avoid crossing in front of the stand on vessel. Any change of course and/or speed should be large enough to be readily apparent to another vessel. The stand on vessel in this case was the launch and they must maintain their course and speed unless it becomes apparent that the give-way vessel is not taking appropriate action and should take any precautions if the stand down vessel does not take any appropriate action. You mention that you were a couple of reckless high school students. If you are under the age of 17 years of age and operating a boat over 25 horsepower you must have either a Watercraft Operator’s Permit, or someone at least 21 years old on board within reach of the controls. I think it is time for someone / everyone to take a boater safety course. I have many of times on the lake at night with my pontoon had to take the same action of the launch even though all lights are on. I also have seen many boats where the white navigational light was not on the highest spot on the boat so you could not see it from the front.
  10. IcePro

    Frog Fishing in the Wind

    Another spoon from the good old days.....Strike King Timber Spin
  11. IcePro

    New Trailer Decal Requirement

    How many of you have taken the boater education course? There is a section in the course regarding AIS but it needs to more thorough. Basically it says remove drain plug, pull weed & dump bait water on shore. There is also a section that mentions washing the boat and letting it dry. The boater education course takes well over three hours to complete on line, how many of you are willing to take it? I did I am in favor of all boaters taking the course.
  12. IcePro

    New Trailer Decal Requirement

    "Minnesota law states that anyone transporting watercraft or water-related equipment in Minnesota needs to complete training ..... So does this mean that both my wife and I need to take the course since we both drive pulling the boat or since the trailer has a decal it does not matter on who is driving?
  13. IcePro

    Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard?

    In regards to the foam inserts.... 1. How do you stop the cotton wood seeds from germinating in them? Since the seeds are so small won't they collect in the foam? 2. How are they in the winter when they freeze?
  14. IcePro


    About a month ago I caught a 30"-32" Northern. I removed the main hook without a problem than I said to myself "I wonder where the trailer hook is hooked." The Northern thrashed went into the water and to my surprise I found the trailer hook.