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Chase for the Cup good or bad?


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Don't know if this has been posted before, but my family has had some pretty interesting discussions about the whole "playoff" thing.
Do you like it or not?
Personally, I don't, as I think that it basically says to someone who has been consistent all year long that it doesn't matter what they did. Realistically, Ryan Newman could win this thing this year if he gets hot at the end. I don't think that that's right, when Gordon, Johnson & Junior have earned points more consistently since Daytona.
Guess it's one of those things about NASCAR that I don't think is a change for the best. Kinda like eliminating races at Darlington, Martinsville, The Rock, etc. I miss the old short tracks, and don't like the cookie cutter tracks that are being built and getting races now...

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They are gonna cut a race from martinsville too? Say it aint so! I love watchin' the cup cars on those short tracks! I don't like the chase format either, but I wont be so down on it if it helps Mark martin get the cup finally smile.gif

simul iustus et peccator

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I think the change is to much. The points had to be changed though. I do have to say, I will be watching nascar in Sept and oct. this year. Last year it was so boring with Kenseth so far ahead I quit watching it with 10 races to go. Nascar had to do something to compete with the nfl and mlb playoffs. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Maybe it will come down to JJ and Gordon on the last lap in the last race.

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