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Hey all, been awhile since I’ve been on but I’m starting another trailer soon.  I’m looking to make something as light as I can(with steel).  Just to haul out on earlier ice and for jumping out for day trips around home.  It’ll double as a trailer back and forth to the cabin in the summer.  Will haul my atv and a little extra gear.  Probably not typically more than 1k lbs but would like it to handle 3.  That being said I’m using 3 inch channel for the frame with a 3x3 tongue that’ll run the length of the trailer.  Curious what others have used for the axle on a lighter trailer.  Instead of stubs I’m thinking a pipe all the way through.  Schedule 80? 2, 2.5 or 3 inches?  Running into issues with most of the steel suppliers around here, nobody seems to want to give any advice anymore, don’t want the liability.

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4 years ago I built a 6.5 x 12 with V front. Started with a 78' Rockwood pop-up 6.5 x 8. It has 3" U channel 11ga. steel except over the axel which is 6" semi U shaped. I exended it to 12' + the 4' V with 3" U 11ga. And a 3x3 square 11ga. down the center. I used a 1.5" solid cold roll shaft full width for axel & 2" DOM tube 1.5" id for pivot. All steel from Winnick, Forest Lake. I designed my own axel using wheel hubs from an 06' Dodge Grand Caravan 2WD rear to allow camber and toe-in adjustment with shims. House frame 2x3 self cut from quality 2x6. Floor bottom 1/2 treated top white plywood. Outside walls 3/8" OSB inside 5mm lauan. Fiberglass insulation except 2x2" 3" pink poly over 6 holes. Furnace, 2 burner stove top, 1 storage cabinet. 20# llp ended at 960 #. Non sleeper bring your own chair to fish. Ended at 1321# with some add on over the years including 2 ton 12v winches for power drop/lift. 













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That’s about the size I’m looking at.  Think that would’ve held 1500 lbs of gear?  I’ll be leaving empty walls inside and will have twin doors on the back.  Not even going to put a pivot on the tongue, will just lower the whole trailer or drop ramps for loading.

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Posted (edited)

At 1500 pay load l would go with 2" wheel pivot shaft, 2 x 4 tube 1/4" wall wheel hub bar. Also my frame is 4' on center with 2 x 3 wood at 2' center. Put steel where I have wood. Batt fiberglass is very light and insulates nicely getting R13. Will only add 25# and worth it for heat retension. You'll still be under 3000 gross. We put all gear - 2 hubs, 1 flip, 2 or 3 augers, clothes, food etc. In the wheel house except the 4 cases of beer everyone seems to need cause I don't drink. Handles very nice at 70mph.

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