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Enclosed Stand Height


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I just built this 5' X 5' (8' to bottom of floor) stand this fall. Only a couple of days later I bow hunted it and the deer totally ignored it fresh stain and all. I built the windows a little lower than most because I do more bow hunting than gun and the bow shots are closer. I also like to control the amount of light that comes in the blind. The darker it is inside the more I can move around without being seen. In two weeks we took one deer by bow and two by muzzleloader from it. All were within 30 yards or less of the stand as they passed through the trees. I have been using ground blinds for years and they work but the deer notice them right away and it makes it harder to get close shots when bow hunting.

P1000249.jpg]new blind

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38bill, can you give some more info on how you setup this stand for bowhunting?? How high up are your windows?? Do you plan on sitting or standing while shooting? Do you have windows on all four sides? Do you shut/blacken some of them?? I primarily bowhunt and have a couple spots where it would be nice to have a permanent, comfortable stand to sit in all day during the prime rut. Ground stands are ok but it seems like they really limit what you see.

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I actually like to shoot my bow while on my knees but I can shoot sitting too. I'm only 5'-8" so I lined up the windows so I could shoot while kneeling. I actually built the hut first and then cut out the windows. I only have 12" high windows on just three sides as I hunt the field and a trail that goes through a thin strip of woods along a swamp just to the left of the stand (while facing it). Got all three deer off that trail this year. I have a small peep hole in the rear of the stand so I can check out anything coming up from behind but I cant shoot through it. Too thick of brush anyway. I have a blackout panel that I can hang over any of the window. I usually have it behind me so I am not silhouetted in front of the window. I also always wear all black, no camo. I have had deer walk right up to my ground blinds and look in the window and still never see me while in black. I built plexiglass sliding windows just to keep out the rain and snow and I built shutters that cover the outside of the windows to protect the stand during the off season. I only open two of the windows once I start hunting. May have to open all the windows next year when we have alfalfa in the field. The roof is around 6'-6" in back and 5'5" in front. I also added drip rails above the windows and door. Keeps it drier inside when the windows are open and should help protect it from the elements long term. I sit on a resin lawn chair that I cut the legs down on to get me sitting just right. Cheap and quite so you can move it around to get a shot if needed. I also placed a rubber coated hook in the ceiling to hang my bow right where I can reach it. Added a couple of led lights and a heater and its great. Should have built it years ago. PS:The interior is also painted flat black.

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