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    When you enchant people, you fill them with delight and yourself in return. Have Fun!!!

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Jeremy airjer W

Week 35 Winner

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Three weekly winners this week!

Juneau4 scores his second weekly win of the year. Hanronson gets his third weekly win this year. And Pushbutton gets his fourth weekly win of the year. All three used the same picks to finish 1st, 4th, 6th, and 13th. Congrats to all three!!

pushbutton 359

juneau4 359

Hanronson 359

Swivel Digger 321

fishingstar 311

Porcupine 301


LeviM 287

Tunrevir1 274

Eric29 271

Team Yaggie 270

Rip_some_lip 259

88fan 249

Fishing_Novice 245

airjer 241

HSM Outdoors (Ray) 240

Johnsonator 237

wally20 232

BlueLundFisherman 202

Iron Cowboy's 189

Musky999 176

catman 168

Moose 161

Huckfin 157

Jar Jar 153

jnwb 152

gregg52 0

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Total Scores

Fishingstar has taken over the championship points lead! Musky999 has spent an impressive 25 weeks in the number one spot, never been out of the top ten all year, and is now currently in 4th. I am going to bet our 2014 Fantasy Champion is in the top two places. We will find out next week!

1 fishingstar 9657

2 Rip_some_lip 9600

3 Team Yaggie 9585

4 Musky999 9564

5 pushbutton 9546

6 HSM Outdoors (Ray) 9517

7 88fan 9500

8 Tunrevir1 9497

9 Fishing_Novice 9495

10 juneau4 9466

11 Moose 9437

12 Johnsonator 9383

13 Iron Cowboy's 9360

14 Huckfin 9341

15 Eric29 9302

16 catman 9253

17 Hanronson 9198

18 jnwb 9153

19 LeviM 9146

20 Porcupine 9122

21 BlueLundFisherman 9104

22 wally20 9036


24 Swivel Digger 8959

25 airjer 8909

26 Jar Jar 8867

27 gregg52 3016

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New Points

1 Tunrevir1 576

2 Team Yaggie 558

3 Musky999 552

4 fishingstar 551

5 pushbutton 548

6 88fan 540

6 juneau4 540

8 Fishing_Novice 538

9 Rip_some_lip 529

10 HSM Outdoors (Ray) 527

11 Moose 521

11 Iron Cowboy's 521

13 Johnsonator 515

14 Eric29 513

15 Huckfin 510

16 catman 508

17 Porcupine 494

18 jnwb 486

19 LeviM 478

20 Jar Jar 461

21 airjer 456

22 wally20 454

23 Swivel Digger 448

24 BlueLundFisherman 444


26 Hanronson 440

27 gregg52 182

The Chase **Bottom four eliminated this week. Top four compete for the Chase Champion this Sunday**

1 fishingstar 4992

2 pushbutton 4992

3 juneau4 4925

4 Fishing_Novice 4868

5 Johnsonator 4817

6 Porcupine 4800

7 Tunrevir1 4729

8 HSM Outdoors (Ray) 4677

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Ha, guess that race shows how not so great minds can think alike wink

Tunrevir is almost a lock at this point with new points system. My money would be on Fishingstar with the Yahoo points, but a crash could easily open it up for RSL or Yaggie. Think all the chase teams have decent drivers left ...leaving a coin flip or two with the picks. Good luck guys!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kewaunnee 8/8-8/13 My dad and I fished out of Kewaunee for about 5 days and it was slow but steady for us. Ended up 12-16 with about a dozen shakers on top of that and a couple drive byes. We caught fish in 80-165 fow but fished as deep as 370 fow with only one drive by in 312 fow for the deep run. One one fish in a meat rig, one on a flasher fly, 3(+5 shakers) on clean spoons, 1 in a spoon with a dodger and 6(+7 shakers) on a spoon pro troll 8" spin ray. We added the spinner/spoon into the spread the last 2 1/2 days. Outside of the shakers the fish ran nice but no giants with the biggest just over 19 lbs. Sog was 2.2-2.8 mph. Surface temps ran 67-73 degrees. Fish were caught 40-70 feet down.

      Talking to a few other boats reports varied from 0-8 fish per trip and boats were scatteredall over the lake. Some big fish being caught and lost. Here's a few pics from our trip.
    • Wow it's almost here!  Looking forward to connecting with folks.  Let me know if you're planning on stopping by Saturday.
    • said the guilty guy!!!!  
    • Yea well ya implicated me!
    • Um, go back and read it again.  You said, well spend some of dat moldy cash!!!!!!!!!!  That was for Mike89 not you silly! 🙄
    • Oh what a comedian.🤣🤣 just so ya know outta the 40 or so jars I have a 100% seal rate. oh wait add the 23 jars of pickles I did earlier.
    • some very interesting CWD information can be heard below if you're interested to get some science behind the disease http://www.themeateater.com/podcasts/ep-070-chronic-wasting-disease/   http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/doug-duren-bryan-richards            
    • I won't buy him any them!!!!  he can use his rusty ones!!!!   
    • He's probably saving up for new canning jar rings!  😝
    • Long time since i been on here- glad to see people getting antsy. Waiting for my two bucks from last year to come back, and about ready for out of state deer, MN bear and deer, and who knows might even try a over the counter goat hunt