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  1. Find me another telecommuting job........this is awesome!
  2. We will soon see. China just let the outside world in, and we should soon start seeing non Chinese state sponsored reports. So far it looks like the deaths are from the already sick and old, which usually works it self out as not a global destroying menace.
  3. You will be fine on a sled up here. Funky ice for sure, but not seeing that unsafe ......including big lakes like gull or backwater river slow flow.
  4. Well, according to the not so subtle link at the best, fabulous, most perfect resort in the park. Looks like a three night stay with three square a day will only put you back around 3,000 per kid. If three hundred kids go the school will only have to cough up a little less than 100,000 for the three day trip. Just take it out of the petty cash fund and have fun.........................................
  5. "Quick" game changers will be what has always pretty much been......super volcano type thing, big rock from space, gamma radiation burst from somewhere, some type of airborne containment, magnetic shenanigans. Odds are pretty slim in our lifetime, but all will happen again.
  6. Sucks that life gets so busy Duff, and hard too keep in touch with all the cool people on this site........ I was in the Southern part of Bighorn the 4th and 5th.......and would have been great to see ya again. Glad to see the pup is still hanging in there. You know they say when a deer purposefully wants to hang around humans, there is a Squatch nearby. Great pics!!!
  7. When the kid was young we used to net them, it was a blast running around in the streams. If you pressure cook them at 11lbs for 100 minutes or so, you can "get rid of" the bones, and did taste very good. Can also do a light smoke before canning. Tried scoring the fillets and deep frying as well as grinding them up for patties .......to "get rid of" the bones....... but still were a little bony.
  8. From NPR......lol. There is a book titled close to the article title that was written locally. This is their "basic white bread" recipe. Very easy and tasty, but a lot longer than five minutes. https://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/five-minute-artisan-bread
  9. Da Bears.....they are who we thought they were.....and we let them off the hook.
  10. I bet a cocker could be awesome in the field. Had one, never hunted it, but that nose was ALWAYS to the ground and working. Well guess he was kind of a hunter......that little dude would tangle with skunks any chance he could get. One or two sprays was not a deterrent either, just jacked him up even more. 9 -10 shots, didn't matter.....he would get it. Had a lot of mound gophers at the time as well, and pretty much just let him dig up a 1/2 acre. Day after day, year after year. Ended up looking like a WW1 trench battle scene. He never got one, but not for the lack of trying......buried him out there....and still smile when i walk by. Enjoy your pup!!!
  11. I usually run a 20 to 30 second per foot fuse down the length/right side of the racks, splitting into varying quicker fuses across the boards that hold the tubes. Some will be 1 second fuse if i want them to go all at once, some will be 7 second per foot fuse if i want a fairly quick cadence, or up to 16 second per foot if wanting a slower pace. It is not rocket science, but a little math involved to pull it off. Yep.....fuse everything up prior and bring outside, let the kid safely light them, and enjoy pretty colors
  12. lol....never kept up. Just a bunch of left over .....mostly safe and sane mn leagal 4th of July stuff ripped apart and put on my board racks. Will be that guy on the 4th scaring neighbors cats and making dogs howl, but on new years keep it pretty mellow.
  13. Got some surf, some turf in the form of spiced lamb.....kibbi....and some hippie.... falafel. ....all with sauces.....while watching Deadpool. Currently munching and fusing up ......desert. Nothing with a big boom....fountain drivers, big srobe pots, comets, whirlwinds, and flying fish. Happy new year everyone.
  14. Leech, maybe you can set up a sillytown shroom-a-thon........and the Libertarians can show you what mushrooms are good
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