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  1. pushbutton

    Why do packers fans love their coach & management?

    Da Bears.....they are who we thought they were.....and we let them off the hook.
  2. pushbutton

    New pack member

    I bet a cocker could be awesome in the field. Had one, never hunted it, but that nose was ALWAYS to the ground and working. Well guess he was kind of a hunter......that little dude would tangle with skunks any chance he could get. One or two sprays was not a deterrent either, just jacked him up even more. 9 -10 shots, didn't matter.....he would get it. Had a lot of mound gophers at the time as well, and pretty much just let him dig up a 1/2 acre. Day after day, year after year. Ended up looking like a WW1 trench battle scene. He never got one, but not for the lack of trying......buried him out there....and still smile when i walk by. Enjoy your pup!!!
  3. pushbutton

    New Years Eve

    I usually run a 20 to 30 second per foot fuse down the length/right side of the racks, splitting into varying quicker fuses across the boards that hold the tubes. Some will be 1 second fuse if i want them to go all at once, some will be 7 second per foot fuse if i want a fairly quick cadence, or up to 16 second per foot if wanting a slower pace. It is not rocket science, but a little math involved to pull it off. Yep.....fuse everything up prior and bring outside, let the kid safely light them, and enjoy pretty colors
  4. pushbutton

    New Years Eve

    lol....never kept up. Just a bunch of left over .....mostly safe and sane mn leagal 4th of July stuff ripped apart and put on my board racks. Will be that guy on the 4th scaring neighbors cats and making dogs howl, but on new years keep it pretty mellow.
  5. pushbutton

    New Years Eve

    Got some surf, some turf in the form of spiced lamb.....kibbi....and some hippie.... falafel. ....all with sauces.....while watching Deadpool. Currently munching and fusing up ......desert. Nothing with a big boom....fountain drivers, big srobe pots, comets, whirlwinds, and flying fish. Happy new year everyone.
  6. Leech, maybe you can set up a sillytown shroom-a-thon........and the Libertarians can show you what mushrooms are good
  7. No clue on the best cleaning practice with them either. My go to spot is always chalk full of a. muscarias in close proximity and probably always clean too much.....lol.
  8. Nice haul stabber! Yeah it sure has been quite the year. Lobsters galore, although somewhat ironic my previous tried and true lobster spots didn't produce because they have been essentially a bog most of the year, while the main chant flush has come and gone, am still finding decent numbers with very good size where i have never seen them before, same with the kings, have found so many that many were not buggy before i actually found them, have seen way more hericlums than ever, main fall chicken flush is starting, have not looked for hens or entolomas yet, but suspect they are starting or will for sure soon. Yep, no trumpets. Still don't know about those hedges yet ......have one very consistent spot.....but big or small ......always kind of bitter?
  9. pushbutton

    Denny Green

    Awsome........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty0u4gqQNuI
  10. pushbutton

    Forums go dead??

  11. pushbutton

    "Combat" Trout

    Trout poppers.......butterfly fillet, sammy up cream cheese and jalapeño pepper jelly, grill in foil. The little stockers cook quick.
  12. pushbutton

    Anybody starting their plants yet???

    Its more of a jumpstart on the growing season. Most bulbs kind of freeze out and get mushy, but roots and tops survive and take right off creating a new bulb relatively quickly and will be harvesting big thick green onions relatively soon.
  13. pushbutton

    Anybody starting their plants yet???

    Not at all familiar in the least with the cotton thingy......especially being in Arizona? Care to share....love learning new stuff.
  14. pushbutton

    Anybody starting their plants yet???

    Yeah, something almost magical with root crops and cold temps.....even something like parsnips and turnips......really do taste good after cold weather. Don't know the science behind it though. Have always had good success with overwintering small late summer/fall planted onions, carrots are carp shoot. This last mild winter was a bonus......