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  1. Best just popping out of the ground. They do get inky real quick. As the weather cools there may be more.....try some next time!
  2. Good year for them. Bunch of other. stuff too. Found a nice grab bag this past weekend checking out some new to me land 100 or so miles north of the cities.
  3. Had the same thing happen all summer. Bush acorn and straightneck were ok, but green and yellow zuchs must of have caught the covid.
  4. Was a little weird without the fans, but not too much different than a Rays game. Spent most of the game on the phone watching with my dad.......nice that he and others have something to do now.....besides watching golf.
  5. Folk that come here from Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and most Minnesotans fishing stocked mud holes.
  6. Saved some of the plants that went to school families, a distant learning project, and community members......and am trying to grow a container garden. Getting the right soil mix and pot size has been ongoing learning process. Keeping up with watering sucks and might have to chalk this one up to never do again.
  7. Smalliehunter is spot on. You are good Del, might be a little corkey so far down south. But worth a shot. Have a half dozen or so stressed box elder go to spots and have been eating well.
  8. Yep, tore the smallies up on the Sipp yesterday south of Little Falls. Combo of bends and big rocks were money.......
  9. So my "garden" is coming along pretty good, but have a question for anyone that started cucs, squash, corn, beans ect...... for transplant. Ultimately, how big of a container and when to start them. Want them rooted and ready to go by June 1st.
  10. Great thread and pics everyone........
  11. You are sure right about lights/bulbs. Right now am scraping together whatever fixtures I can find. I do have one that is some type of gas bulb that has a separate plug in ballast that is about 8x12x16in......the thing is freaking bright and stops them instantly from stretching out. Your pepper jelly will have enough kick this year. Might want to let your buddies taste test it for you when you are making it. Although I had a super protected concrete radiating spot....those things grew super late into the season and ripened well. You could almost say they had good flavor....until the burn kicked in. Have fun.
  12. Your broccoli looks great to me, mine got pretty leggy. I inherited the seeds in a school classroom that were just sitting in not very tight sealed plastic bins; since this is pretty much on my dime and time, figured why not give it a shot, and just started seeing which one were viable by germinating them in moist paper towels inside plastic sandwich bag. Most of the seeds were 5 years old, but just hit a home run with some Beefstakes and Cherries that were 9. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant held up really well, had decent success with broccoli , cabbage, kale, but no luck with chard, spinach, cilantro. Have yet to try the squashes, cucs, beans, or herbs. Have usually just bought seeds each year, but no doubt a vaccum seal in the freezer would be the way go. Oh, and one time I did find some 15 year old plant material in a bag in the bottom of the freezer?
  13. Will trade ya for some TP..........
  14. Doing a WU TU FLU victory garden this year by hooking up 30 or so families with lots of veggies as well as a distant learning project. As usual, too many plants and not enough space. Having fun though, and used seeds that were up to nine years old.
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