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Alumacraft 185 tiller

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Anyone running an Alumacraft 185 competitor tiller with a 90?

Looking for what you get for speed, how the ride is in rougher water, if you like it.


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Not exactly the boat you are asking about but a buddy has a tournament pro 185 with a 90 Honda tiller. Mid 30's top speed but the hondas seem a little slower than others.

You might see close to 40 with a competitor since its a little lighter.

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I bought one in July and absolutely love it. Rough water was fine and I got better speed than the specs say. With just myself I get hit 40mph. With 3 guys and a dog I still hit 36mph. Biggest issue was not have some type of steering control in big water. I'm looking forward to the TillerAssist that is coming out and hopefully that will help. Also, here is a review and some mods I posted on another forum below.

"I bought the 2013 Competitor 185 LC over the Pro Guide 1825 last July. After looking and riding in both. I still think I couldn't have made a better choice. Here are a couple of mods I made.

1. Took the center 8 rod tubes out. I now can fit up to 30 rods with sleeves.

2. Had to put a strap on the sliding drawers cause they would fly open. 2014 the fix it by putting in a hatch instead.

3. Had to put a strap on bow storage cubby. Not a big deal but my rain coat flew out driving down the highway.

I love the console. Granted you can't lock it but I like it simple compared to the Pro Guide console which I didn't like. I love the large cooler. I love 4 air ride seats.

Only thing I don't like is the lack of dry storage, but you don't gain it with the Pro Guide as much as you would think."

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