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  1. Kettle

    Ice Fishing Sales - Post Here

    Reed's has a 6' x 6' eskimo hub (non insulated) for $129.99 for anyone looking for a cheaper costing house or someone just getting into the sport. It's a good quality house for the price. Kettle
  2. This will be the last year I hunt in Minnesota. I don't know if it is my luck or what. To me it is not the number of hunters but the number of unethical hunters. I turned in three different groups on three different occasions for hunting violations to TIP. Before anyone blames youth the ages ranged from 16 years old to 64 years old. In regards to hunting this year I had a great opener. Lots of rice, I was in the middle of nowhere where I had dragged my canoe behind my four wheeler for about three miles. About an hour before shooting a group of two young guys showed up, asked if they wanted to hunt with me and they did. I feel like I helped them learn more about bird in flight identification as we saw several species of ducks. I ended up giving them my contact info and took them out in the blind in October. Currently there are birds around. Alexandria area I broke ice this morning for about an hour but it was worth it. Four mallards, two GWT and a goose. Guessing with the warm weather coming up the birds that are here will stay here. Kettle
  3. Kettle


    I'm on board with the others, sounds legal to me! Best of luck hunting! Kettle
  4. Kettle


    Moose could definitely be right. There is a possibility that you could hit freeze up. Last several years it wasn't until mid November, I think that you will be fine. If you are there during the start of freeze up it will be magical. Good luck Kettle
  5. Kettle

    Weight loss plans

    Carb cycling and runs of keto diets work well but once you are off them weight normally comes back. Get rid of processed food and exercise, probably the safest and best way to loose weight.
  6. Kettle

    Looking for a new fiberglass boat

    Plenty of options if you are willing to give up the 9' rod storage. Center rod storage on the Skeeters and Pro V GL are 7'6'' yarcraft makes an 18' boat with 8' center storage. 9' storage under 20' is going to be difficult unless you don't mind stuffing them on the side.....
  7. Kettle


    With all hopes it's a soft tissue injury, like others have said, trip to the vet is in order. Last year before I put my lab down she went down an embankment, lost sight of her then heard the yelp. 150$ later found out it was minor but the money was worth the peace of mind
  8. Kettle

    Spearing out of a 5x5 hub. Is it possible?

    5 x 5 will be nor problem for one guy and gear. I speared out of a two man flip over otter sled for several years and had not problem. Use to spear out of a 4 x 6 permanent and that is less sq foot than the 5 x 5 hub. It is nice to have a large hole and yes it lets in more light in those low light conditions but I always used a 3 x 2 spear hole and never had any issues. It worked, could it be better? Of course but you just have to figure out what is right for you. Get a 5 x 5 foot piece of cardboard draw out your hole on it, set up your chair and put all your gear on it and then sit down. This is probably the closest way to experiencing it prior to doing so...... Good Luck
  9. Kettle

    Cautious Optimism

    Saw two houses about 50 yards out on a part of wahkon bay yesterday on Mille lacs. Flip over and a hub style one. I think that area was open water on Monday and possibly still on Tue. Be safe people........
  10. Kettle

    Decoy string

    10lbs mono never had a shear off. I have it on a rod and reel. Have had a fish run with it, have the drag set light. I run pretty cheap decoys, if I ran more expensive ones or carved my own I'm sure my opinion would be different.
  11. Kettle

    Big Push?

    With our 60 day flyway limit it's hard to stretch it out. Opener in Northern MN is typically pretty slim on teal since they leave early and by close lots of our deep lakes are still open the past two years. IMO not that it matters, I'd rather see an earlier start with a larger gap.
  12. Kettle

    Where are we going to fish first?

    I'll fish the Grand Rapids and Iron Range lakes earlier on for panfish. I'm looking forward to LOTW walleyes and Mille lacs, with this weather the ladder of the two probably won't be till after the first of the year. Kettle
  13. Kettle

    Big Push?

    Hunted Mille lacs today in my layout. It was a complete circus. First one where I launched, paddled out nearly a mile. Twenty minutes before legal two boats came out anchored down wind of me two hundred yards with their cattail camo, I pulled and moved. When they called it quits they decided to try and tip me and circled me several times, could hear them laughing and swearing. No boat licenses since they were duck boats. By the time I got to the access they were gone but left two mergansers for me on my windshield. Circled the lake saw at least a dozen boats anchored with decoys out. Talked to a few guys that tried it and they had minimal luck open water with full size boats. Without any identification on the unfriendly group I figured calling the co would be fruitless. Terrible way to end the season. Decoys are going into storage. Good luck to those out there that are ethical and respect the sport. Kettle
  14. Kettle

    Big Push?

    In central MN I did see some more birds than I did before the storm but not enough to call in the Calvary and do a large group shoot. Sat got three mallards and one GWT. They all decoyed awesome, definetally new to the area. Talking to my friends in Manitoba that didn't get snow, large lakes are still open and the birds are still there. They have a place to roost and an all you can eat buffet. They won't leave until the roost freezes or they get a bunch of snow.
  15. I'll back Todd on this as well. I have shot wood ducks in the field in Manitoba as well. We were hunting with a local friend and he thought it was a widgeon. He had never seen one or heard of them. I told him they live in nest in trees and will land in trees, he outright called me a liar, I thought we were going to duke it out right there. He could not fathom a duck landing in a tree. That was 15 years ago, since we have hunted together many times and he refuses to shoot them since they are so "pretty" and this is coming from a 6'6'' 300 lbs wheat farmer.