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2012 Trout License

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So a friend of mines wanted a State Park Annual sticker, I told him to go buy one from the DNR headquarter in St. Paul. So he did and bought one, then asked for a 2013 Trout Stamp License. Then the lady told him that the old (2012) Trout Stamp is still valid along with the 2012 Fishing License which will end at the end of this month 4/3/13.

After he told me his story, I said to him that the 2012 Trout License ended on 3/31/13 but the 2012 Fishing License is still valid until 4/30/13. I told him to just buy one and he said the lady said it's still valid so he's not going to buy a new one. And if he gets a ticket he will go back to the station and talk to the lady. I then asked him if he have the fishing regulation booklet to check and look it up. He did and calls back the lady to confirm about it. And again she says it's still good.

So can anyone tell me if the 2012 Trout Stamp is still valid until 4/30/13? All I know is that it has ends last month 3/31/13. I know that the opener is tomorrow and we will be going.

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The 2012 license says expires 2/28/2013 "unless noted elsewhere". Then down where it lists the type of fishing license you purchased, it says "effective dates 3/1/2012 - 4/30/2013" I have inquired about this before and was told by the DNR that the license and trout stamp are both good until April 30th.

I hadn't looked at the new one, but pulled it out and and S.T. is correct. License and trout stamp both expire on 2/28/2014.

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