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  1. Sherman

    Identify This Fish

    Thanks guys. At first I taught it was a baby trout but figured it had scales. So are they common in the Croix and lakes around the metro?
  2. Sherman

    Identify This Fish

    I accidentally hooked this little fish while jigging for crappie. I was fishing next to a spillway into the St. Croix river in Hudson. It was swimming with a school of small suckers along the side wall of the spillway. I happened to hook a second one too but took picture of the first one only. Seems like it's an adult male because it was milking out (making babies) . It has rough scales with dark spots and pointed tail fins. Anybody seen these fish in the Croix before? This is my first time and I know its not a round goby. And it's similar too a ruffe but doesn't have the back dorsal fin like the ruffe.
  3. Sherman

    A little crowded

    So where's WALDO? Seem to have a little trouble finding him. Usually I can find him easily but not this one. . I wonder how many ice augers were used and how much gasoline they went thru?
  4. Sherman

    Strikemaster Mag 2000 part

    Jentz I already tried that site too....NADA. And Bigfish thanks for your kind offer but I dont want to just buy your head just for that little screw. That's why I asked on here if anyone has a broken one or one they are using as a parts auger.
  5. Sherman

    Strikemaster Mag 2000 part

    Thanks guys for your responses I appreciate it. I hope y'alls part is the right part I'm looking for.
  6. Sherman

    Good panfish rod's?

    HT Ice Blues...very sensitive, light, and affordable. Some people have bad experience with them because the tips can break very easy. I own mine for 5 yrs with no problem. I also slide the plastic (those that come on new car wiper blades) over my poles to keep them from breaking and bending. And talking about sensitive, I just got back from "THE SMELT HOLE" chasing those smelt using the pole as my deadstick. But with all the variety of poles out there, you get what you pay for.
  7. Sherman

    Strikemaster Mag 2000 part

    Model # TM049XA-3637D ( 8113CA. Carburetor # 640347. I was adjusting it on my porch and when the engine was running I guess with all the vibrations, the screw fell out and down under my porch. I went under and tried looking for it twice. With all the leaves, debris and dark I found nothing. I tried D-Rock and same result (discontinued).
  8. Sherman

    Strikemaster Mag 2000 part

    I have the newer style strikemaster mag 2000 with the black placstic handles. After I rebuilted the carburetor, as I was trying to tune the carburetor I lost the high jet speed screw. I looked everywhere and seems that the part is either not in stock or been discontinued. So I am wondering if anybody have a broken carburetor sitting around and willing to sale me the little screw? On my carburetor it only has the HI side and no LOW side. So if someone do have one PM me and we can work something out. Its been sitting since thanks giving.
  9. No towing and rescue charge fees. Probably a big drinking party afterwards plus on a positive side, A FREE CAR WASH.
  10. Sherman

    SM plastic handle...

    D-Rock will handle it for you. Search it up or someone in here will have their number for you. Great customer service too.
  11. Sherman

    preventing ice build up on auger flighting/blade?

    Any one ever tried the RUST-OLEUM or FLEX-SEAL spray? I wonder if it works since they are a rubber waterproof spray. But like ikona said, I'm too is a guy that drills a lot so I don't know if it would stay on very long.
  12. Sherman

    leaking Gulp alive jar

    I use those orange twist off pill/medicine bottles. I put enough of what I need in and fill the juices up to level with the product. I don't over fill it and keep the rest until it gets low. Put inside ziplock bag and keep it up right.
  13. Sherman

    I got out & tried my new Nils power auger

    LOL You're like a kid waiting for Santa to bring his present. I bet you couldn't sleep waiting on the auger.
  14. Sherman

    Ice Auger Storage Options?

    I found one of these gas station 2 liter crate thing (Not the MILK crate) and kept it thinking I'll put it into use some day. During the summer with an idea with a couple of 2x2's laying around and some screws I came up with this thing. Perfect fit and during the summer months I just put a large garbage bag over to cover.