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  1. DLD24

    Slush and water on ice.

    Quite a bit of slush in the Rapids area, some lakes were ok others were terrible.
  2. DLD24

    What are the bass doin these days?

    Went out today and pounded the bass, nothing huge but a lot of them... They were chasing gills on the surface all day..The only thing I could get them to go on is crankbaits....8-14ft were the best depths where the weeds were tall...
  3. DLD24

    96 115 Merc

  4. DLD24

    96 115 Merc

    If I run it at around 4k rpms and under it runs good...If I try to go wide open it bogs down...I feel like it's a fuel issue, but it's hard to tell...I replaced the plugs and the primer bulb so far anyone ever had this problem and fixed it??
  5. DLD24

    Let see your di and si captures

    What are your guys thoughts on this pic...Fish or like a stump...I'm thinking it's a stump or something thinking out of the bottom.
  6. DLD24

    Let see your di and si captures

    Rocks usually show up a brighter color don't they?
  7. DLD24

    Let see your di and si captures

    Was out playing with the SI today. Found a dozen cribs...Anyone have any thoughts on the black dots on the last picture?
  8. DLD24

    Clicking in reverse

    $900 big ones later and I finally have my boat back... For anyone who has this problem and your shop can't find the stock gears or clutch dog call Tim's outboard repair in Hackensack he can order them...
  9. DLD24

    Clicking in reverse

    Ended up being the clutch dog and reverse gear were wore out... 550 for parts...I almost ended up getting a whole new lower unit, but a buddy was able to find the parts...The shop said they discontinued the parts Yada Yada Yada, but some shop in Hackensack was able to find them I guess...just want the dang boat back ha...
  10. DLD24

    Clicking in reverse

    I dropped it off at the shop today, hopefully it just needs some adjustment I'll let ya guys know what I hear.
  11. DLD24

    Clicking in reverse

    New to me it's a 96 115 merc
  12. DLD24

    Clicking in reverse

    So I took the new boat out for the first time and it did not go as planned...When I put it in reverse it clicks like it's not getting into gear. If I just barely put it in reverse it didn't really click...Anyone have this happen and figure out what it was?? Thanks for any help
  13. DLD24

    And the first is.....

    Anyone know where the closest open water is to the cloquet area, other than Superior. I'm looking to test out my boat and all the electronics before I make the trip up to Rainy.
  14. DLD24

    Ez Ducer?

    I was referring to the spool for the ez ducer icing up not your spools on your rods...
  15. DLD24

    Ez Ducer?

    I wanna see what happens when your out hole hopping in the extreme cold and the water on the spool becomes a block of ice haha.