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Not sure if she is too young yet for this to look like any problem, but my female blck lab is going to be 2 years old in Oct.
She is quite the frinedly nice pet every kid would enjoy, and I have no problem with her being friendly, but she is also VERY shy and timid, a bit of a whimp you might say.

She is not gun shy, and I dont beat my dogs.

Its more being around other dogs when she is like this.

I had her at the kennel for the first time, she stayed for 2 1/2 days, when I got back the guy said she was kind of a brat.
Wouldn't eat or want anything to do with him.

Hes a dog trainer, and said he really hasn't seen this much in black labs.
Usually when she sees another dog she trys to play and get aquanted, but the last couple times she did this, she basically got beat up. Nothing real serious, just the other dog basically saying, "get the hell away from me or else".
Then she hits the ground or runs.
She did get bit on the snout by a fat *** GSP a couple weeks ago, this thing was about 150 pounds, looked like a fat ball of pusss.
It was tough dragging her to the kennel with all the dogs barking, she wouldn't even listen to me and shes usually pretty good about that, (most of the time, HEH)

Will she get more of a spine when she gets older?
I hear socialization is real important, but what do I need to do more of, if not doing it already.

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Dano2 I agree with Duckbuster Are you looking for a hunting dog or a fighting dog? I had a Female Springer that would roll over and Wizzz herself if a bigger dog approched her at speeds greater than a walk but I'd put her up against any dog around for bird finding ability, flushing and retrieving, She was so eager to please it was great. I think you have the best part whipped, She is friendly to people. I would be much more pleases with a wimp dog than some A-Hole dog that wants to be the alpha over every dog it sees. As long as she likes people, is not gun shy and like to hunt, Dont worry - Be happy !

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HEH HEH, thanks guys, just wanted to know if the timidness would seem like any kind of problem, as I wasn't sure myself being its my first dog.
Shes a great addition to the family.

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I don't know much about hunting dogs but I do know a little about sled dogs. I have had a few timid dogs in the past. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, they seem to respond to training better than the obnoxious dogs. As long as she's no threat to your family there shouldn't be a problem. Some dogs, like some people, are just naturally shy.


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