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96 F150 ?s

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Ok, so i have the opportunity to buy my old pickup back from my grandmother now that my grandpa has passed away. I sold them the pickup back in 07 I think... I do not think they have put more than 10,000 miles on it since I sold it... But, there are a couple things that need attention and I am wondering how big of a chore it is and the best way to go about getting parts ETC.

Main issue is the plastic part of the shift lever is broken off, and Has been since before I orginally sold it, but they had issues pulling it towards then before shifting, and broke it again right away... and now the OD button does not work either... I have located parts online... wondering how big of a pain this is to change out...

Also, the ignition never used to work correctly, meaning, sometimes you could start it without the key, or remove the key while it was running... this one is not a real concern to me, but if there is something simple to check, or if its simple to replace, I may do it while working on the shift lever...

Other than that I know the truck inside out as I did all the repairs when I owned it... just would like to take care of the flaws if I get it back... may also get the fender rot and what not taken care of and keep it looking decent... pretty clean truck over all...

thanks all

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Alright, Thanks guys, I see parts for neither are real bad either...I don't remember on that one, but i think the ignition key matched the locks as well... So I supose i either buy a tumbler and locks, or keep the old key for the door?

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Pretty simple, first turn key to the run position, under the steering column by the tumbler there is a hole in the shroud, take a pick, or small screw driver push it into the hole, and pull the ignition tumbler out. Then screw the tilt lever knob off, then you will find 3 phillip screws on the bottom of the shroud, take those 3 screws out. Some times there will be a forth screw in it, if nobody had it apart yet, and that screw is on the front left of the shroud, and holds the 2 pieces together. After you take out the other screws, you can separate the shroud, and pull it back towards you, and get at the screw. This screw has always became one of those spare pieces, you didnt put back on. After that just slide the shroud off of the shifter.

Then there will be a pin that holds the shifter on, just take a hammer, and punch, and pop that pin out, disconnect the small wiring connector, and it is off. Then just re assemble.

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doesn't sound to bad, and seams as though on may as well do the tumbler all at once, and idea if a tumbler out of an 89 150 would fit? I have one of those sitting in the tree line that I race that would be simple to re wire without the key, I already have a push button starter on it...

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