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Non-Toxic Shot for Older Gun???

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I'm looking for non-toxic shot safe to use in an older Remington 1100 12 ga. with a fixed full choke barrel. 2-3/4" receiver.

I want to hunt a WPA for late season pheasant.

I read that bismuth shot would be the way to go, but cannot find any. I most recently read that Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles shot is made just for this use.

Can anyone verify that Hevi-Shot Classic Doubles will work for me? Or have any other advice?


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I don't see why any non toxic shot couldn't be used. I have an older gun as well and have been using steel shot for years

Bulged barrels. I have seen a few when steel first came out long ago. I never saw a "blown up" barrel, but you could feel where the bulge started. We had gunsmith turn our fulls into mods back then for this reason.

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Yes, Bismuth or Classic doubles is best for older guns with thinner barrels and tighter chokes. However, you could use any current non toxic shell and it would probably take many years (hundreds of shells) to see any damage. The current non lead loads are light years better on old guns than the early steels loads. IMO 10 to 20 rounds of steel through that gun a year would be no problem. My early 70's 1100 with the thin barrel shot tons of early to mid 90's steel with no damage to the barrel.

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I inherited my Dad's old 1960's Remmy 870 FULL choke. Thanks to my brother shooting the sh!t out of steel in the '80's it has a bulged barrel. Remington did offer $$ back based on your serial numbers if you signed something that said you wouldn't sue them. I think I got $20 back for the 3 that I sent them the serial # on.

Beware of those high power steel loads that don't deform like lead did thru a FULL choke. A new barrel cost more that a new gun now days so it just sits in the safe looking used and abused.

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Thanks for all the replys, guys! I ended up sticking to WMA's and lead for the weekend.

I'm coming to the realization that I am going to only use this gun for upland / sporting and will have to buy another for steel, and hotter loads...

What do ya'll think of a #81111 Remington 870 Express Super Mag Waterfowl for a do-it-all pump?

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A bulged barrel is the obvious sign of a big problem. But IMO the incredible deterioration of the shot pattern with a full choke and steel shot is the main issue. If you ever patterned the gun I suspect that you would see that at 25-30 yards the pattern just falls apart. Try it and you will be amazed at how poorly it functions.

You also can find a gun that is a lot lighter and much less work to carry around. My 1100 was just way to heavy for upland use. Sitting in a duck blind is one thing, ending up with gorilla arms after a day in the field is something else.

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