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  1. I'm looking at an old Polaris Indy to mess around home with, possible take it to Mille Lacs when I go to the shack/etc... Looked at one today, when I pushed down on the rear suspension, it didn't bounce back up. What kind of money is it to either rebuild or replace the shock?
  2. Plowing "around" someone... no problem,,, plowing them in so badly it "will take 6 months to dig out" is another story..... why don't you call both the local game warden, and the sheriff's office and speak with a deputy, tell them exactly what you would do, and ask if they are ok with it, or if perhaps you would receive a citation for disorderly conduct at a minimum. Like I said, bottom line is none of us own the ice, whether you plow it or not. Good for you for plowing, but don't think someone doesn't have a right to fish where they want. I wouldn't drill on a road, but that doesn't mean it's illegal or wrong
  3. Very well said captain, thanks, you saved me time. I never said I owned the road, however, NEITHER DOES HE. just because you plow a road, that means nothing. To be clear, I wouldn't drill on a RESORT plowed road, or any road, as long as it was not directly over my spot. The action he described is criminal, that's all I was getting at
  4. Real mature great outdoors. You obviously own the ice. I'd love it if you did that to me, a video with my phone, and a quick call to the local c.o., and I'd wait! Take half a day of vacation to testify against you and done!
  5. Del is correct. The plow won't even be driven down the road. Just used at home and taken off. Ufatz, I currently have a diesel 3/4 ton, but am having problems with it, because I don't use it enough. A half ton is enough, that's why I want to sell my diesel, and get a half ton.
  6. I like the tundra, but they are a bit pricey
  7. Alright, here goes. I'm going to be in the market for a truck. I will have 12-15k to spend. Looking at a 2005ish half ton. Hoping to keep it around 100k miles. What I need it to do is pull my camper a few times in the summer. (About 6500#s) so not too heavy. Other than that, I'll pull a boat, wheeler, etc and use it for hunting. I do also want to put a plow on it, only to do my own yard. I've never been brand specific, just want something that will do what I need it to and be reliable, but like to hear others thoughts/experiences/preferences. If it were you, would you lean twards Chevy, dodge, or ford for what I want to do with it. I'm looking for honest opinions, not an argument about what's better! And.......... GO. Thanks guys!
  8. Isn't it up to the insurance companies what they insure? I don't believe there is any legislation or rule regarding insuring salvage vehicles.
  9. So I'm considering selling my 08 dodge ram 2500 diesel. I've had it 4 years, bought it from family and got a great deal. I have a camper I pull in the summer. However, the truck doesn't get used as it should. I have a company vehicle so it's not a daily driver, and I have had a couple turbo issues due to this fact. I have to bring it in for a turbo cleaning. Adding a turbo cleaning every 6-7k adds to the cost/mile! The truck only has 40k miles, so it's got value. I'm deciding wether or not I should sell it and go back to a half ton, gas, possibly 3/4 gas. So here are my questions.... I'm looking at spending 12k-15k.... What is going to be a decent half ton... Chevy, ford, dodge? I'm obviously looking at mid 2000-s, hopefully around 100k miles. It needs to be able to pull a camper, currently 7000#s. Only other pulling is wheeler/boat/etc. I may also put a plow on it, solely for my own driveway, plow will rarely, if ever be driven down the road... But the plow depends on how much I get for my diesel. What about 3/4 ton gas trucks in that price range? How are they in millage vs half tons. Anything you gents have to offer, I would appreciate it.
  10. Interesting test! Which brand was which? I've seen it slushy in my camper toilet when I go in there in the winter, but I don't think it freezes hard enough to burst lines
  11. I had my 10x18 moved from hinkley to mille lacs, believe it was around $350. Dale Theile, he does a great job moving. He has a flat bed goose neck he uses
  12. I do not use it hard, I know I should. I bought it to pull my camper in the summer. It does have an after market air intake. It was on when I bought the truck, but i was told by the dealer it wouldn't cause these problems. I always have the engine brake on when I drive.
  13. I have a 2008 Dodge 2500 cummins. The other day it threw a code. I got the code, it is P2262, which is a turbo issue. I am on my 2nd turbo on the truck. it has 42,000 miles. after I bought the truck, it threw a code, was under warranty, brought it in, they cleaned the turbo and all was well. a few months later, CEL is on again. again turbo, this time they replaced the turbo under warranty. that was done in august of 2013 and 35,000 miles. At this point, the truck is out of warranty, as is the turbo they put in in 2013. I'm not happy. I'm wondering if any of you guys have had this problem and what I might have for options. I know I don't use the truck as often as I should, but I certainly shouldn't be having this many problems with this low of milage. Also, if I drive it with the turbo gummed up, will I damage anything? I can't afford to fix the turbo right now. thanks for your help.
  14. Where do you live? I hunt a few times a week, always looking for company.
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