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  1. jjz

    running 24 volt and 12 volt systems

    Yes, but not advised. It would create uneven draw and prematurely wear both batteries. Better would be stick with 12 volt (two batteries wired together to double reserve capacity) or go 24 volt for both. Good Luck
  2. Reason for 30 06 is simple. If you don't hand load you have the most factory loaded options of any do it all caliber. That means best chance to find something factory loaded that will kill what you hunt, be accurate and little fuss to get it. Next would be 308. Anything from 260 or 6.5 swede on up to biggest gun you can handle will handle anything depending on how far you want to shoot. 30.06/.308 gives the average guy the best chance to find a factory loaded round, that will work, be accurate enough and for least cost/fuss. Other rounds certainly can be more accurate, powerful, longer ranged, etc.., but usually with limited factory ammo options, higher costs, or hand loading to get what is best for what you and the gun want, that is the price. However most modern guns even if limited to three factory loads will still prove very adequate. You don't need sub moa accuracy to be very deadly at distances most hunters are comfortable at. Good Luck
  3. jjz

    Terrova or Kicker for trolling

    I have trolled North Long plenty. Most of the best spots a console boat will just plain suck. Either in the weeds or too deep. Electric might work but lacks the thrust of wot a tiller or maybe kicker can provide to correct to the irregular weedlines. If I lived on the lake and liked pulling plugs I would have a 16 foot boat with a tiller 50 to 60 horse. I got a 18 footer with a 90 tiller and find it less nimble than I would like but it beats the hell out of any console boat when pulling cranks on the weedlines. Unless you pull plugs on the shallow flats which can be good, a smaller tiller boat would lead to far better catching than what you got or are thinking. Good Luck
  4. jjz

    American sniper

    Not that good. Grand torino much better.
  5. jjz

    Yamaha 115 four stroke or Evinrude 135 ho

    Pretty sure honda or suzuki has a outboard in that class. Which I would take anyday over etec anything. Good luck
  6. jjz

    why does battery squeal?

    your on board is cooking the battery. the squealing is gas escaping and the gurgling is gas being made. You might have the charger on agm setting which charges at higher volts than lead acid or gell cell batteries can take which cooks them. could be a problem with on board charger too, no automatic switch to maintainer mode. that would cook the battery too. Good Luck
  7. jjz

    Legit Ford Vs Chev

    Right now only big difference is ford has aluminum bodies (others will follow) and ram diesel. Otherwise similar power, payload, mpg is across the board depending on model or configuration. Personal preference for look/interior is probably biggest factor for most people seeing on how the other stuff is so close, outside of aluminum ford/dodge diesel for half tons.
  8. 1/4 cup chopped onion, clove garlic minced, 1 egg, 1 lbs coarsely chopped walleye, 1/4 cup mayo/miracle whip, any special seasoning you like. Mix thoroughly form 1/4 lbs patties dust with whatever batter and panfry/deepfry till done. Serve on buns or plain with tarter sauce if u like it.
  9. 3 pope county public birds today
  10. jjz

    40hp Johnson

    I wouldnt trust the oil injection on older omc especially the vro. I would premix the gas for it. My first "BIG OUTBOARD" a 1988 40horse johnson was rough, sucked gas twice as fast as my current 90 honda, fouled plugs frequently, but was or less reliable. That buzzing might be the starter gear not retracting and grinding/spining while touching on the flywheel. Just a thought Good luck
  11. What ufatz says is true. If u want to know what your gun does best with pattern it! For a given choke you can have a variety of reults depending on the load used. With out taking time to pattern whatever loads you plan to use it leads to using hunting to determine what works best, which does mean birds suffering the learning curve. Just my 2 cents
  12. jjz

    What to do with my septic mound?

    You could make this area grass as well. Sounds like it might take some material to make it ok for mowing, but might be worth it. Most septic haulers I know hate dealing with tanks in flower gardens etc... Usually charge a little more because of extra effort required to make sure they don't damage anything/find lids. good luck
  13. jjz

    The New Straightcast Reel

    has good selling point being able to un twist line. they will need to do a lot of work to clean up design/user-friendly to make it some what popular. people bought the pocket fisherman, so if they can make affordable people will buy it too.
  14. jjz

    What to do with my septic mound?

    Why not seed it for grass and get rid of landscape stuff. A lawn mower will not cause any problems for the drainfield and mowing is easier/quicker than weeding. Plus you can let the grass grow longer in fall to provide insulation for winter, to minimize freeze ups. Good Luck
  15. jjz

    New (used) motor opinions?

    One problem I have had with a kicker is the slow response time in altering direction/slow change of speed. It makes following irregular drop offs problematic the big motor usually does a better job of this. Small kickers work ok if rapid direction changes are not needed.