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  1. Finally made it out with my son aka the Grouse Ninja. I may be hunting solo for a few years with college starting next fall. sniffle sniffle Making the most of it while it lasts.
  2. Ferny

    Ice Castle Heating Question

    Man, I sure am glad we have a Rinnai direct vent wall furnace in our trailer shack. After hearing four different forced air furnaces run in fish houses I'd go nuts from the noise and uneven heat. Reading this thread makes me even happier! We have an 18' spray foamed shack. The Rinnai is 16,000 Btu's and only takes 40 Watts to run. We can run an entire weekend on a couple deep cycles and a 300 Watt inverter if needed. You won't be doing that with RV style forced air units. I usually hear genny's barking 24/7 on most IC's and Lodges. It has a built in thermostat and the key to it's quietness is that it ramps the blower voltage up slowly. It also blows the heat out at the floor drying out the carpet quickly. When we were up on Red we fired up the furnace, drilled holes, dropped it down, and banked the sides came in and took off our jackets and were in tennis shoes in no time. We do have one computer fan in the rear blowing heat down so the top bunk is tolerable. I have yet to see another one in a fish house probably because they run over $1000. We let the original owners of the shack take the depreciation hit I wish they weren't so expensive so others could be as happy as we are with their furnace. We had an Empire direct vent fan-less in our last shack and were very happy with that one also. Of course we had several computer fans in that house. I hope you all get your heater issues figured out without missing too much of the season.
  3. Ferny

    12 volt inveter and TV or small portable DVD/TV?

    I ran a 350 Watt inverter off my deep cycle while deer hunting in the shack this year. My heater says it consumes 40Watts. I'm not sure on the TV/DVD combo LCD TV closest specs say ~80Watts. I had my propane/CO detector plugged in also. I watched 3 movies and the furnace ran 2 entire nights. It all ran fine. All inverters are not created equal. Look for the highest efficiency rating so you are not wasting power.
  4. Ferny


    On mine if you press the button once it "shuts it off" but if you hold it in longer it goes into a different mode. Then I can't even pull away from a stop sign ;-)
  5. Ferny

    Whats the best generator for a wheel house.

    There's a couple half price quiet options out there. The $500 Predator 2500 Peak/2200 Running Watts, 4.7 HP (125cc) Portable Inverter Generator EPA III from Harbor Freight? Says it has 5.5hr run time and a 64Db noise rating 3.5 star out of 5 rating. Lots of Youtube videos of testing running a welder and so forth. It doesn't sound too loud in the video but it's a video. I see Ryobi has an 2200peak 1800Watt version at Home Depot for $549. Again it has pretty decent reviews too. Saving $500 buck buys an awful lot of beer. Does anybody have an off brand quiet generator out there? Ferny
  6. Ferny

    Let's talk fans

    We use 24V DC blower (squirrel cage) fans but run them on 12V DC. Yep they turn slower but are really quiet. They take 0.1 amps each so not much at all. We mounted them on the ceiling on dual ball joints so you can aim them where ever you need. It makes a huge difference with the door and holes not freezing up. I have 2 styles of the Ryobi fans and that's a great idea. The newer green one is very quiet and is a 2 speed. Ferny
  7. Haven't heard a single rooster yet this year near East Rush Lake. Normally I can hear about 4 different ones. Seen my first rooster walking around a flooded field Memorial Day in North Branch. Haven't seen a single hen yet. Quite odd for this area. More water than anybody has ever seen in the area. lots of flooding.
  8. Ferny

    Remember to Engage Brain

    My favorite was a big cruiser on the St. Croix sitting on the ramp with hundreds of gallons of water streaming out of 2 plug holes. The rich guy was furious the dealer didn't put the plugs in for him! good thing it was a double wide launch so he didn't ruin my day.
  9. Mine was 110 lbs field dressed hanging. I ended up with 24 lbs of red boneless meat for sausage and The backstraps and tenderloins that I didn't weigh guessing I'd say 10 lbs or less. I do not keep any neck or rib meat and am very picky about front shoulders. Ferny.
  10. Ferny

    About those E-Tec motors

    I know three E-Tec owners. 20Hp 60HP and 90HP they are extremely happy with their purchases. The 90 and 60 guys fish English River system in Canada and run a lot of miles and love the fuel economy they now get. The 4 stroke options were so heavy it was like having another deep cycle battery in the back of the boat. Was the massive oil consumption on big HP motors? Something sounds fishy to me.
  11. It seems to me I get 4 ice cream pails full of de-boned fat free meat on average. Excluding the back straps, ribs, and any blood shot meat like one front shoulder. We normally do 2 deer per year, not too picky about size. It seems like it always a 8 lb per pail average and 32 lbs for the grind total. Everybody likes sausage. I don't get to riled up for veni roast so they hit the grind also. I don't keep the heart or rib meat and am pretty picky about how much work I put into the front legs. That can be a real pain in the A$$ filleting off all the silver skin. It depends on how late at night it is and if I have any help. If I am lucky enough to get a little one or two I usually steak out almost everything. You know you have to be a better shot to get the small ones ;-) Ferny.
  12. Ferny


    We learned a lot from staying at most of the big name resorts on the river and bay. You are just a dollar sign and nothing more. Most of them could care less if anybody catches anything as long as they get their money. Several times you get driven out late and they pick you up at primetime. Most of the houses won't be moved if they are dead. They just have too many to deal with. If you want a complete plan you want to go through a big resort. For us after getting treated like cattle I'm done with them except for their saloons ;-) We finally ran across Lake Road Lodge on the main road heading North amongst the resorts. They have a clean motel with heated fish cleaning room. They have a bldg to fry your fish too. They have a few sleeper shacks also normal day shacks. Every time we have stayed they have let us try unused houses if needed to spread out. You can also drive your own truck out in case you need to run back to shore for anything like a clean bathroom. He seems to keep moving houses when it is slow. They bend over backwards to make sure you are taken care of. You couldn't find a nicer couple than Brian and Penny. I think he plows Adrians road too?
  13. Ferny

    Perm fishhouse computer fan??s

    We use the ones that are about 3.1"? I think they are really 80mm. They are 24VDC but we run them on 12VDC super quiet just what we had laying around at work. It's interesting to note the current ratings are all over the place for these small cheap fans! Always go for the less current (amps) so it doesn't drain your battery as fast. Every little bit helps. Trade off is you don't move as much air as full voltage. We made dual ball joint mounts so we can adjust the angle. Depending on wind some holes freeze up and others don't. It makes a huge difference in keeping a more even temp and keeps the floor dry. Good Luck, Ferny
  14. Ferny

    Grouse anyone

    My buddy his GSP and my son hit the woods hard for grouse on Saturday. We put on a lot of miles re-flushing a grouse and nearly got lost doing it. The GPS kept losing it's marbles and it was overcast. I think it was due to low batteries? My trusty iphone compass worked just fine luckily after I realized we were heading deeper into the woods. (note to self pack my real compass!) Onward to spot # two I hadn't hunted it all year. It turns out they logged half it off in the last year. No problem since all the young aspen and pines were still standing. Turns out we got one grouse and saw a couple more. All in all way down from last year. But the timberdoodles saved the day. We ended up flushing 3 in 2 minutes out of some alders and all of us tagged one. I was pretty proud of my 16 year old for starting it all off. I was also thankful he was along to find the downed birds with his young eyes. The dog was tracking them just fine but after we knocked them down he was having a heck of a time finding them. There was so much scent he kept locking up while looking. Then I saw him drop two of them on his way back from a retrieve. He just didn't like the taste of them at all, poor guy. He got some extra training fetching and healing with the birds. There was a lot of knuckle bumps and you couldn't wipe the smile off his face, it was priceless! We ran into a couple of younger guy's (20's) who just found this one spot. He said he told his buddy about then it ended up on Facebook. Hopefully I got my point across to him when you put in all that hard work to find a good spot you don't go blabbing it to your buddies. You might take him with you but you don't just hand it over, ugh! Anyway it was an awesome day to be out in the woods with my son and behind an great dog with my buddy. He was truly fascinating to watch get birdy. We also saw a ton of bear sign and some wolf scat also. Looks like that area is evolving I never seen either in the last 20 years in that area.
  15. Ferny

    smoked grouse

    1st time I have ever heard of anybody smoking a delicious grouse. Now Geese, pheasants, and salmon are another story. To each his own. My favorite involves lots of butter some flour and a dash of Canadian Steak seasoning or plain old salt and pepper. p.s. anybody got a recipe for woodcock? Ferny.