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Who's Heading West?

MN Mike

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Figure we have to start this thread sooner or later?

I see the Snotel Site at Cooke City finally has it going in the right direction and the forecast is looking good for the rest of the week up there.


Not sure when I'll be getting out West this year, probably won't be until March with the way things look right now.

Anybody have plans yet? How about new rides?


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We are going to black hills in Feb with the kids and then to the northern bighorns in march just adults on that trip. The way things are looking around here the blackhills will be our first riding grin
Where about's do you ride in the BH and how are the trails for markings and grooming? Can you go off trail much? Thanks.
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The trails are so well marked that even a first time snowmobiler couldnt get lost, the trails are almost always perfect except some of the spur trails leading into resorts, I think there are 5-7 groomers that run every night, lots of offtrail . very limited lodging on hill ,lots in deadwood lead, trailering up the hill to trailshead parking lot might be a better choice if staying in deadwood, trails can get real rough in that area We used to go out to black hills alot probable 6-8 years in a row then we started going to bighorns, now that kids are older ,going to take them out there to introduce them to hopefully some deep snow riding, just like we have in MN grin Order a trailsmap and it will list all lodging options, real nice maps for 2013.

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We are going to black hills in Feb with the kids and then to the northern bighorns in march just adults on that trip. The way things are looking around here the blackhills will be our first riding grin

Is February usually a good time to go to the Hills?

I've always wanted to go there for snowmobiling but just haven't made it yet. Deadwoods a fun town, we stop there on the way out Elk hunting, I'm not much of a gambler though.


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Feb is a good time to go out to the hills, sometimes the snow can be hit or miss, but normally there is great plenty to ride on, As bad as last year was around minn a group of guys from town went out to hills 2 times once in feb and once in beggining of march and still had waste deep snow in march, I was bummed, I should have looked at snotel sites instead of watching the 80 degree temps in rapid city, I would have gone out there also, after going out west for the past 25 years I should have known better that in the elevation there is normally always ridable snow. oh well crazy But the hills are a great place to ride, fun pit stops and offtrail riding that you can go into without the fear of avalanches and getting lost, The black hills to me is what snowmobiling should be about family fun, play riding, exploring fire roads Lots of youtube videos about snowmobiling in the hills.

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Huuum, have two place trailer with one empty side, and my wife wants to know what I want for X-mis. Maybe a trip out to the hills would work! Anyone want to try to get a ride together later this winter? wink

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This mornings webcam from Cooke City, should be a mad house on New Years, Snotel site is already saying 72", it's a good start grin

MAN it's going to be tough to wait until March to get out there crazy



Aaaah, yes the Sturgis of snowmobling! It must be great to pull in to town with biggest "hog" and line her up with the others. Aaaar! grin

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Awesome! Did you snap any pics?

We couldn't take it anymore, March is a LONG way away, I sent out an email to the buds a couple weeks ago, got 3 I'M IN replies in nothing flat.

With the forecast of nasty weather on the way, we threw caution into the wind and headed out. Loaded up the trailer, tied it to the 2013 F150 EcoBoost ( Awesome Truck !) and shot out of Fargo at 2 PM on Thrus afternoon.


Pulled into the Parking Lot near Cooke City at 2 AM with some beautiful fresh snow.


Rode all day Friday and all day Saturday, Saturday was perfect, high sky's and great temps.



New Rookie!


Even the mighty 1100 Turbo 162 had troubles cutting a fresh track up the hill.


Oh, don't worry, Mr. Tree Hugger struck again, lets just call him the tree HATER this year! I'll post pics in the a.m.


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MN Mike,

Can't wait to see the remaining pictures. For us flat landers you should not come home without a 100+ pictures because we'll never be able to get out their to ride. Thanks for the postings and keep them coming....


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I wish I could say I saw it happen but I didn't, I was leading the pack, I looked back and everyone was there, so I took off to the next Mtn, when I reached the top, NOBODY was behind me, what the???

So, he jumps off this small drift......


And BAM, right into a perfectly good standing 20 foot dead pine tree, TIPPED IT RIGHT OVER laughlaughlaugh


I wish I would have seen it, he bounced off the right hand side of the sled and the tree shook, then tipped over ever soooo slowly....... the guys said it was funny as heck.




The sled survived, beaten but not broke.

So why not roll it down the hill too a few times after the tree incident!!!




All in all it was a great trip, short but great, still looking forward to March.

I've got some video too, if I can get it uploaded we'll see how it turns out.


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2014 info is starting to come out.....

Quick 2013 Mountain Sled Review

For 2013, Polaris dropped a bunch of weight on the Pro RMK, broke some drive shafts and introduced the QuickDrive. Ski-Doo focused on chassis improvements on the Summit featuring more room on the running boards, the laterally flexing suspension and the flexible track. Arctic Cat fixed a host of issues on their new chassis notably giving us the best mountain track on a stock sled and an M8 that steers and boondocks with stability and power. Now what?

2014 Polaris Snowmobiles

2014 Polaris Pro RMK’s will come with machined billet pulleys on the QuickDrive instead of cast for improved belt life under abusive situations. There are options for more power, but will Polaris make a move or rely on aftermarket? Boondockers Turbo has proven a reliable companion to the ProRMK and successful big bore applications satisfy the power craving in deep powder. Watch for the 2014 Polaris Pro RMK 800 to also have a power boosted option for 2014.

2014 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

2014 Ski-Doo Summit X 800 will lose 10 – 15 pounds. The XM is the best Summit made, but could use a diet. So could I. I will cut back on the fries for my 2014 beefcake body.

The big surprise this year (unless you’re reading Sled Rumors) will be the return of a Ski-Doo Summit 1000. This won’t be your grandma’s 2007 Ski-Doo Summit X RT 1000 SDI. The 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X 1000 XM will only be 10 pounds more than the 2013 800 Summit and come in at 190 horsepower.

2014 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

2014 Arctic Cat M800 Sno Pro will look the same from the outside, but Arctic Cat will introduce a new direct injection 650 cc mountain M SnoPro coming in at 140 horsepower and the Suzuki manufactured throttle bodied 800 will be replaced with a new direct injection 850 at 170 horsepower for the best Arctic Cat M to hit the slopes.

2014 Yamaha Snowmobiles

2014 Yamaha mountain sleds will be basically the same. The flat-lander sleds will get all the attention for model year 2014, but the 2015 Yamaha mountain snowmobiles will make a comeback. Watch for a 4-stroke, 200HP Mountain Max that weighs 500 pounds or less but be patient for another year.

Mountain Snowmobile Prediction Summary

Expect two all new mountain sleds, the 2014 Arctic Cat M650 153 and the 2014 Ski-Doo Summit 1000 X ETEC. In addition, watch for a “Jagged X like” edition Pro RMK 800 with some power perks. Arctic Cat exited the 600 Mountain sled class when they introduced the M1100 without a turbo and Ski-Doo bailed on the 1000 SDI when the XP chassis was introduced. These big comebacks and some much improved 2014 mountain snowmobiles will make the 2013-2014 snowmobile season the most interested and exciting deep powder has ever seen!

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MN Mike-

I have the pictures on my home computer and will try to post them in a few days. The riding was sooooo good, I want to go back right now. I don't blame your crew for not wanting to wait till March. Now you can still go in March! Your crew seems to be very educated with all of the different aspects when riding in the mountains. Which is nice so that you don't have to worry when riding in the early part of the year.

I have some buddies that are in Cooke right now, haven't heard from them but i'm sure its good.

BTW my turbo is heading down the road after this next trip and I might come over to your dark side. I really like the new cats.............. eek

Shortfatguy - Let us know how Island Park is... Should be DEEEEEEP!!! I think it will be similar to Cooke but will have some flat land for you as well.

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LOL!!!! Similar minds must think alike Mitch!!!

I told Leech I was going to post up a trail report last week ( on the trail report thread )...... I warned him he was going to be MAD and here's why!

The 4 mile trial leading to the Hanakapiai Falls on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai were not very good for snowmobiling but the were GREAT for hiking!!! laugh



What an awesome place, definitely on my list to go back to, we hit 3 Islands in 9 days, got back last Sunday.

The ladies that let the guys go riding to Cooke said they all want to go somewhere warm one year,,,,,,, so this was the year.



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