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    15 of us put 130 miles on yesterday, rode up to north redwood from New ulm on river and ate lunch in north redwood, what a great day on the ole minnesota river maybe one more weekend to ride, then it will probably be over for the year
  2. icecold


    snow is starting to fall in the minnesota river bottom, hopefully we can get at least 2 inches, that will make the minnesota river prime riding this weekend, rode river last weekend from New Ulm up to highway 4 bridge, smooth as a high way, hopeing to run to morton or jackpot junction this weekend if we get a few inches, what a tough winter, only 275 miles on new sled all river miles
  3. Thanks for the info guys, should help me out when the snow ever decides to come. we have ridden the trails a few years ago by st. mathius and Harding area. they were very nice, and little traffic, went over to Millacs
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me what these trails are like when they have snow on them LOL . planning a trip with family towards end of febuary and was thinking about going to this area, are the trails hilly, flat, lots of woods, etc, alot of pitstops? any info would be great, Think SNOW
  5. I have some magnum mallards on the way, I think i am going to spray them with a dull clearcoat as soon as i take them out of box. maybe will help keep them looking good for a season
  6. has anyone ever used or have the mallard or wood duck decoys from higdon, what do u think of them or how do they hold up,
  7. my son will also be hunting deer this fall, would the buzzcuts be a good choice and what grain would be a good choice?
  8. can anyone recommenend a good area to take family to ride, looking for a area that has alot of looped trails ,preferable lots of woods and scenic, dont want to travel way up north, looking for something in central minn area. thanks
  9. How do u go aboat finding a place to hunt, do u guys book a guide or what, my youngest son wants to go spring goose hunting, and i dont have a clue on where to even begin finding a place to go
  10. nice to see the nytro and new viper in the pictures Yamahas all the way
  11. Anybody been to lqp lately? just wondering how the cold weather is affecting geese as in flying out or in times, early morning,mid or late afternoons??? Everyone have a good thanksgiving Thurs.
  12. Yamaha 4 strokes all the way, reliable economical on fuel, lots of 4 stroke yamahas with over 20,000 plus miles make a nice touring 2 up sled.
  13. Went out today from 1-4 30 today and saw only 12 ducks, sloughs will be locked up by saturday, thens its the river till season ends
  14. I think u can carry 12 shells with u, but if u draw for a second blind during the day im not sure if u can have another 12 ???
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