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spend the money on the owens corning durations. Available at the same big box store as the others I believe, and they come on sale for a very good price for the quality of the shingle. a couple hundred bucks i cash now could save you several thousands in a premature re roof down the road...

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spend the money on the owens corning durations. Available at the same big box store as the others I believe, and they come on sale for a very good price for the quality of the shingle. a couple hundred bucks i cash now could save you several thousands in a premature re roof down the road...

I get that there are "better" shingles out there than the two that I listed.

My problem is that I'm doing this under a hard budget. My supplies can't be over $3.2k. I know I'm putting on a cheaper roof, but at this point, I don't have any other options.

The $3.2k is what I have available on a card. We had a couple of tougher years with the business and things are turning around. We were trying to put the roof off as long as we could, but now we have a second leak, and it really needs to get fixed.

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another thing to check into is if by chance they are certainteed shingles that fall under the warranty law suit... its a little hassle, but could get you some cash in hand for the project, Chads a good fellow to talk to, he will get pointed in the right direction, how many sq are we talking for this project?

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Ok, So keep in mind that every roof is different, but after looking at a few past customer files that are similar to the number of SQ you have and estimating a little heavy I come up with a guesstimate figure of $2700.00 for materials. That is assuming the roof is gable-gable and not very "cut-up".

1. 30 year laminated shingle (architectural)

2. Ice & Water Sheild

3. 15# Felt

4. High Profile Ridge Cap

5. Starter Shingles

6. Pipe Boots

7. Bath Vent

8. Steel Roof Vents

9. 1-1/4" Nails & 5/16" Staples

10. Tube of Geocel Caulk

My reasoning for this was to show you that if you do this yourself, you can still buy a quality product for under your target price. The product I based this off of was GAF Timberline HD, there are other quality products out there (right Mr. O.C., oops I mean Josh grin )but GAF has been our product of choice for years.

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Mr timberline!!! How dare you!!! Haha. Yes, and actually these are available at the orange colored big box place as well... however, I always recommend checking with the local yard, and seeing if they can compete, the service is usually much better, they typically deliver for free, or minimal charge, as well as boom them to the roof... which is invaluable...

Timeberline shingles would be my second choice... i have heard good things about malarkeys, but have not used them...

There's a whole thread on which shingles are better than others on here already if you want to check it out...

But... The top three in consecutive order would be, Owens Corning, GAF (timeberline), then the certainteeds... The biltmores and atlas I have not been impressed with when I have seen them, and I actually think I have put some biltmores on houses for a builder...

You can get into one of those top three on my choices for not much more money than the others...

Chad, Side note, I have several O&C roofs I have done in a town nearby which had heavy hail a while back, and while every other house in town seems to be getting covered, the adjusters seem to have a hard time seeing the damage on these...

Question is this... One in particular was the older duration lifetime shingle (the heavier ones, before they switched the warranty) and I have been on it now after the adjuster with a representative from the insurance company, and I was able to find MANY spots (per sq) where I could feel the impression, but not see any spider webbing, or terribly visible damage....

Like I said, every other roof that I have known to be checked is being covered, including a brand new house/roof done with landmarks a week and a half prior to the storm, Being these shingles have takin the beating these others have, but do not show "visible" damage. will this still show up a few years down the road? I do not have a ton of storm damage experience, but I would have to believe it shortened the life of these shingles, Like I said, I can pick out MANY thumb sized imprints....

thoughts are appreciated! Thanks


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hey I have OC durations put on 2 years ago and we got hail damage in the area and the adjuster said it was hard to see any on my roof but since everyone else had full roof totaled he totaled mine. my question is should i ride it out a couple of years or re-roof cause i look at it and only see small indents like you describe

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DO NOT wait it out, you only have a small window to have the repairs made. Every insurance company is different, some are 90 days and some are a year. After the allotted tome is up you will not be able to recover the depreciation they put on the claim. What city are you located in?

With that being said, once you have damage it will only get worse as time goes on, causing blistering, pocking and de-lamination.

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Chad im in west central mn. hail damage was in may and adjuster didnt get there to eval until mid july cause he kept canceling. all of the roofing jobs in my neighborhood have already been completed. waiting for adjuster to come back out to look at my detached garage which they didnt' look at first time. i just got the insurance check for house but im waiting to hear on shed. thinking of putting shingles on either this fall or spring.

by the way i have owens corning durations premium. as i understand it this is a 50 year shingle, correct? ive been told durations (not durations premium) are a 30 year.

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DR1818, you are correct, actually I believe two years ago the premiums where considered the life time shingles, and now, they have once again re vamped the warranties, and basically the heavier shingle is no longer available, but the "30 year" shingle is now the lifetime shingle....

This particular project is in le sueur, along with the others... MY thoughts on it is that every house in town got beat by the same hail, for the same amount of time, and if I can physically feel the imprints, the life of the shingle has been compromised....

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A few years ago we had hail damage. Before my insurance adjuster came out I had a roofing contractor inspect the roof, so I would have some ammunition if the inspector didn't get me a new roof-all my neighbors got one! The roofing contractor said he could see some damage, but it was border-line if enough for an insurnace claim. The insurnace adjuster offered to replace the roof, some screen windows, allowance for painting siding, I was real happy with what they offered.

I decided to wait several months before I replaced the shingles, because we needed the money.....When the roofing contractor said it was border-line, I figured I had time and it wasn't going to fail in a few months. Bottom line, I waited several months and no leaks or damage. Btw, you roofing guy's, what suppliers do you use in addition to your local lumber yards?

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