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  1. Same here. We packed the snow down too deep on the trail to the lake and it's shaded, so not melting. Now, I can't even get the side by side on the lake.
  2. I always put my auger on the bottom of the sled so I don't tear the canvas or crush something (heavy old auger). I have to unload everything to drill a hole. With the rack, I find myself willing to move more. Four bolts and off comes the rack, if I want to go sledding. Plus, when it nice out, I don't need the sled/house and can "run and gun" as they say. Like I do much of that- just sounds good
  3. There's a little "L" bracket that mounts to the frame with 2-self tapping screws that the Motorhead rests on.
  4. I put this on mine a couple weeks ago. Works great with my old Strike master. Had to drill some holes in the bumper because mine is flat. It's a Digger auger eack.
  5. I hear ya! Still some decent snow on Vermilion...at least till Wednesday, talking mid 40's. Hopefully, I'll catch some fish in the balmy weather.
  6. Thanks all. I adjusted mine and my wife's sleds. Ran them a little on the stand and they seem ok. Couldn't take them for a spin to check them out yet. Hopefully, I did them correctly.
  7. How do you adjust 3 different screws the same amount? Just look at how many open threads are exposed? Do they all have to be even? I screwed them in and out and didn't get the belt to move up or down on the clutch, but it loosened the tension on the belt. Stayed about an 1/8" above the clutch. I did rotate the clutch each adjustment to see if it moved. I also ran it for a bit on the stand.
  8. Thank you. My son actually changed the belt and I rode it last weekend out to my fishing spot and noticed the squealing noise and the machine moving at idle. I should have known about the slot for changing the belt, I switched out a different one a month or so ago, I guess I panicked . I was looking at youtube videos and some said the belt should be even, others said it the tension that's important. Tomorrow, I'll take it for a spin and see how it does. Thank you!!
  9. Skidoo 2006, mxz500ss trail. Thanks leech. I almost said thanks leech after I posted it! I knew I could count on you
  10. I just put a new belt on my sled and it was screeching and creeping at idle and starting off running slow. When I went to adjust the tension, I noticed one of the 4 adjusting screws is missing. What do you guys think, going to be a problem if I run it to go fishing? Also, new to this stuff, how do you get them all adjusted equally? I couldn't get the belt to go down for the top to get level or almost level with the clutch, but I was able to get the proper tension, I think...about 1-1/4" deflection. Thanks for the help!!
  11. Did the jerky today, turned out pretty good, had some trouble with the jerky gun. The meat was too moist and some of it wedged between the grates on the dehydrator. I think I should have put it in the freezer to firm up a bit. I ran out out grates and made a batch on a cookie sheet in the oven and that turned out better! Lesson learned!
  12. After several of you suggested who to process my deer, I did it myself with the help of of a co-worker who use to work at a butcher shop. Turned out great and he also has all the equipment to make sausage. Yesterday we made summer sausage, brats and breakfast sausage. Today, he smoked the summer sausage for me. I'm up north, so he sent me some updates. Looks like it turned out great. Tomorrow morning, I'll give the breakfast sausage a try. It was fun and saved me a ton a money!
  13. I'm old and definitely not a techie type person.
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