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  1. CigarGuy

    Atv - Snow Tires or Chains

    I bought new tires for my Sportsman 500 last year. I think the lugs/tread is about 1-1/4". They work great for plowing my driveway. I went out on the lake via my neighbors road a couple weeks ago, he plows a short trail out on the lake every year for use to drive out on our atv's for ice fishing. He hasn't plowed since walleye season closed, so it has snowed and drifted over a little. I tried driving my atv out and between the slush and deeper snow, I was bottoming out and getting stuck. I don't know if chains would help that much if you're bottoming out and getting hung up on the frame. Not to mention if you break through the hard packed trail or hit the deeper snow once you're out on the lake, you'll have a heck of a time getting going again-bring the shovel! Also, if pulling a sled of some sort behind you, that will compound things. Did I mention that I have a couple of snowmobiles that I'll sell you for a good price, that will take care of that problem
  2. I need a hardwood flooring installer. Anybody have a good referral? I have the material. Want a professional - wood flooring installer-not a handyman. Solid, pre-finished, over wood subfloor. No, I don't want to do it myself-my body can't handle it Burnsville area. Thanks
  3. CigarGuy

    Cooperstown, nd area

    Cicada, pm sent
  4. CigarGuy

    Cooperstown, nd area

    My daughter married a guy from Cooperstown last fall!
  5. CigarGuy

    04 sportsman issue

    Over the winter, I had my 05 Sportsmans oil tank blow up. I was warming it up in the garage and was outside shoveling getting ready to plow with it and hear KaBoom!. Oil and plastic scattered all over my garage floor. Best I could figure out is that the intake tube got plugged somehow with ice. I disconnected the hose from the air box and when I start it now, I lift the seat and check to make sure of air flow. I researched it and found out it's not all that uncommon.
  6. CigarGuy

    Propane pre-buy prices?

    I just ordered last Friday 1.09gal. from ferrellgas. Cook, MN
  7. CigarGuy

    Propane pre-buy prices?

    Thought I would bring this topic up again. Called Ferrel yesterday and propane is .99gal., what a difference a year makes!
  8. CigarGuy

    Sirius XM subscription

    I go through it every year. I get 89.00 per year, plus fees, which amounts to around $120.00. Two weeks ago, I decided to go with the 6 months for 24.99. If you google "Sirius deals", you'll find the most current deals people are getting. It's the game you have to play! I belong to amazon prime and download music on my phone and play it in my truck using the bluetooth setting.....pretty neat for a "non-tech, type person".
  9. CigarGuy

    Help! Can't log into a HSOforum

    Thanks guy's. Downloaded firefox and got my order in! I'm sure looking forward to spring too!
  10. CigarGuy

    Help! Can't log into a HSOforum

    Thanks Del, I'll give it a try. If you're up at the lake, throw another log on the fire....I just did! My son and his girlfriend just went outside have a campfire,
  11. CigarGuy

    Help! Can't log into a HSOforum

    I'm running vista,IE.
  12. I can't log into Dennis Kirk. I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". When I "diagnose connection problems"...says no problems?? Help...Thanks
  13. CigarGuy

    Septic System update

    When we sold our lake home on Osakis 20+ years ago, we had a nonconforming septic system. We had to put around 8,000.00 into escrow before we could close. Don't remember if we did it because the bank made us or if we did it to improve our chances to sell.
  14. CigarGuy

    Tips on starting Ski Doo 583 with primer

    I got them started without much trouble all wknd. I'm also getting too old to be pull starting them and pushing them around, I need electric start and reverse-might have to make a move before the end of the season.....I'm sure my wife will veto that idea!!!!
  15. CigarGuy

    Tips on starting Ski Doo 583 with primer

    It was a broken recoil spring, about 2" on the end broke off. With help from the neighbor, we grinded down the end smooth, heating up and put a nice curl back in it, reassembled and worked as good as new!