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  1. Did the jerky today, turned out pretty good, had some trouble with the jerky gun. The meat was too moist and some of it wedged between the grates on the dehydrator. I think I should have put it in the freezer to firm up a bit. I ran out out grates and made a batch on a cookie sheet in the oven and that turned out better! Lesson learned!
  2. After several of you suggested who to process my deer, I did it myself with the help of of a co-worker who use to work at a butcher shop. Turned out great and he also has all the equipment to make sausage. Yesterday we made summer sausage, brats and breakfast sausage. Today, he smoked the summer sausage for me. I'm up north, so he sent me some updates. Looks like it turned out great. Tomorrow morning, I'll give the breakfast sausage a try. It was fun and saved me a ton a money!
  3. I'm old and definitely not a techie type person.
  4. At least you know how to post a screenshot . After having this phone for several months, I just posted my first screenshot. Have to learn how to crop it!
  5. I know he bought one from All Power Sports. Don't have much info on it. Think my son said he paid over a grand for it. I get more information when I see my son.
  6. I talked to a HVAC guy and he said the current install doesn't pose a serious health concern. Lots of safely stuff on current equipment. Guess, I won't die from the furnace just yet. I've got co detectors in just about every room. I've been trying to find out if there's a HVAC specific inspection service company in the area and can't find any. Basic home inspection services don't specialize in all aspects of HVAC. For 12 years I was a " Certified Flooring Inspector" and was hoping the HVAC industry has a similar service out there.
  7. As noted by you-all, I have some serious issues. If you're interested, look at the website, HVAC-talk, under residential installation, heading "down flow installation" by Billy's, page 2. Got some more great info from the pros.
  8. Thanks Leech, I knew I'd hear from you! I actually gave him this name after I posted that. I forgot I posted about a clutch earlier and looked back at that thread. Some day some place we're going to meet each other! I think we're very similar (based on most of your posts) and would get along great! Don't know if that's good or bad. NO, I'm not coming on to you!!
  9. My son's buddy fried the motor on his 2013, Polaris Rush 600. Where's the best place in the cities to find a new or used motor? Thanks...
  10. If the door is closed, not enough return air getting to the furnace.
  11. I had him move the furnace to the laundry room, the crawl space is damp and had some rusting issues with the furnace, plus it was a hassle changing the filter. He'll have to cut through the floor again to install a return plenum, will the ductwork be large enough to supply the proper amount of air back to the furnace?
  12. Del, I think you have most of it right. He never ran a fresh air pipe to the outside of the house, as mentioned by Wanderer. There is no return plenum on the new furnace, so no return duct work running to the furnace. It's all there in the crawl space, just didn't hook it up. All the supply air is going into the furnace through the filter on the side of the furnace as shown in the picture.
  13. They were disconnected from the old furnace in the crawl space and I plugged them up by the floor registers.
  14. The old furnace was an upflow installed in crawl space. The new furnace is down flow and installed in the laundry room on the main floor. None of the cold air return vents in the crawl space are hooked up and had me fill the cold air returns vents on the main level with spray foam. So, the only fresh air getting to the furnace is being drawn in from the laundry room with the door left open to get additional air from the other rooms. Should he run that fresh air pipe from the furnace to outside the house instead of down into the crawl space? He keeps saying there's enough air being drawn in from the laundry room and the other rooms- through the open laundry room door. I say B.S. If my memory serves me right, I originally had 6 or 7 cold air returns and the same amount of supply vents. I've been looking at YouTube videos and am really getting suspicious of his installation. One other thing I didn't pay much attention to was that he noticed the furnace was flashing an error code, 4 flashes, which is a heat limit something or other code, which I now believe why it short cycling. Do you know a technical support person from American Standard? I think my guy mentioned his name was Jack, didn't get last name! I can't thank you enough for your help!!!
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