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  1. This at my house in Burnsville. I'm really worried about the speed up at the cabin, that's why I haven't signed up with Access Broadband yet.
  2. Thanks Del, first time tonight I ran it was 2.35, second time 3.34. That's the lowest I've seen, 5.40 was the highest on a different day. Why does it vary so much?
  3. Trying to ditch Dish. I'm streaming the wild game on a Roku 4k. The picture is terrible, blurry and a little buffered. What do I need to do to improve the picture quality? Have internet through frontier. My wife's company pays the bill, so I don't have any access to make changes. Thanks...
  4. Will, I drove by them all. It's hanging in my garage. Might take it to Greg's in Hampton.
  5. Thanks Leech, looking for something down through Cloquet along 35 to Burnsville? Called a place in Virginia and they are so busy, won't take new deer till Thursday.
  6. Thanks Del, the reviews for them are either really good or bad. Looking for someplace different.
  7. Need some recommendations for deer processing. Leaving Cook tomorrow, heading to Burnsville. Some place along the route would be great. No, I don't want to do it myself! Thanks in advance.
  8. Concrete or asphalt? I tried some stuff from Menards that's kinda the consistency of oatmeal supposed to stay flexible for concrete and it's peeling away, didn't last one winter! Can't remember the name, it's in a quart plastic bottle with a nozzle. I'll have to go out in the garage and get the name, after I relax for a bit
  9. Just caught it out the corner of my eyes and bang! As hard as it hit me, I'd be afraid what would happen if it hit you while on a motorcycle. I'm guessing a direct hit at 55 would take you out.
  10. My wife's on it! That is-making soup
  11. Got mine today in my work truck
  12. On the pellet grill! Can't wait to dig in
  13. You must be done cleaning your garage!
  14. Got it yesterday, a day early! It's for the cabin, so I won't be back up there for a couple weeks to assemble and try it out.
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