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  1. Concrete or asphalt? I tried some stuff from Menards that's kinda the consistency of oatmeal supposed to stay flexible for concrete and it's peeling away, didn't last one winter! Can't remember the name, it's in a quart plastic bottle with a nozzle. I'll have to go out in the garage and get the name, after I relax for a bit
  2. Just caught it out the corner of my eyes and bang! As hard as it hit me, I'd be afraid what would happen if it hit you while on a motorcycle. I'm guessing a direct hit at 55 would take you out.
  3. My wife's on it! That is-making soup
  4. Got mine today in my work truck
  5. On the pellet grill! Can't wait to dig in
  6. You must be done cleaning your garage!
  7. Got it yesterday, a day early! It's for the cabin, so I won't be back up there for a couple weeks to assemble and try it out.
  8. I bought a Cabela's pellet grill a couple years ago. I think I like it, but definitely a learning curve and I'm still learning. Smoked a turkey (first time) during one of the holidays, my wife didn't trust me and made a back up in the oven. Mine turned out fabulous! With that being said, I'm still not totally comfortable with it. I need to replace my gas grill at the cabin and was debating between a pellet grill and a gas grill. I've done the $300.00 gas grills and get po'd with all the flare ups, that's why I went to the pellet grill. After a bunch of research, I just ordered a Weber 2, 310. In the cities the sale price is $449.00+tax. I looked on eeebaay and found a new-open box for 439.00 b/o, free shipping. Plus, they had a 10-percent off coupon. I ended up getting it for $399.11 including tax, it will be here Friday!
  9. The numbers didn't match, but the guy said it will work. A different person helped him first and gave him a clutch, the main guy came in and noticed it was wrong and grabbed one and that he said will work. Thanks!
  10. The shavings are from the back of clutch binding against the motor- wearing it down. If we had it running how could it be a bad crank? Don't know much about this kind of stuff, but would it still run if the crank was bad?
  11. Not on backwards. I think they gave him the wrong clutch. But, what do I know about snowmobiles . He wanted to see if it would start, won't do that again. Bill, at the sled shop in Cook is going to take care of us for just about what the clutch cost. Can't get to it till Sunday. Son is going to have to take the girlie sled(wife's) out tomorrow.
  12. He was able to start it once we removed the clutch. He said it pulled over like normal
  13. Things aren't looking good. Done before the weekend started.
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