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Not a clue


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I am blessed enough to have been invited to hunt turkey near Houston Mn. Been three years now, no bird. Last year was the closest I came when 16 birds came within 30 yards. There were a few nice Toms in the mix but a trigger pull may have left several birds on the ground so I passed.

Any rate my question is this area is highlands the strips of field are flat where I hunt but five feet to the edge of the hilltop is straight down. You really can't venture to far off the field especially in the dark.

I usually slip in at dark and by sun up all you can hear are Toms across the valley. Sounds like they are right next to you. If I call they talk back but I have not called one in. They would have a long climb to get to the hilltop I am on and not sure they would fly from one top to another as a result of my calling. So I just crawl in the blind and sit and wait and hope I am awake when they come by.

This hilltop field is about 100 yards across and 300 yards deep. The road on one end and my blind on the far end. When I am dropped off in the morning I just walk to the far end and climb in. I know if this was deer hunting I would have been busted on my way in. If there are turkeys on the edge of this field would they spook out when I go in in the dark ? Walking the edge in the woods would be suicide due to cliffs.

Maybe I should wait for my ride to leave , stay put near the road and try a locator call. If there I hear birds I could just stay put. Or maybe put my blind near the road so I don't cross the field. I really don't know...

This is always the last weekend of the season so I am not sure if I should decoy or call or hope.

There are other lower areas to hunt but I have always seen a few on that large grassy hill top for what ever reason it just has not come together yet. Maybe this year ?

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I have hunted many years down in that area, and the turkeys definitely go up and down those steep hills like they are nothing. Late season is tough since the birds have been called to quite a bit and hunted for 6 or 7 weeks already. If the birds seem to favor a hill across the valley, my suggestion is to get permission on that hill if you can and try to sneak in close in the dark. Call less and position better, maybe you can figure out a spot they like to pass by regularly and just sit there and wait em out.

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Put your blind on that large grassy hill. Turks aren't blind shy so if that's where you see em then set up there. Other than that, I hate to say it but if the cliffs are really shear drops and there aren't any travel routes you just might not have a great spot.

Is there consistent sign out in the field? Feathers, prints, droppings? It sounds like a sit and wait for it spot rather than a workable area to me. But then again the picture I see in my mind is probably totally different than reality.

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