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  1. Planning two longer hunts. Black Hills of SD for one. Second hunt should be 2 days in SE MN and 2 days in Wisconsin. Split my time between a few areas in that region.
  2. You guys are super lucky to be alive. All the early snow out west made elk hunting tough this year. I do DIY elk hunts most years. I recommend you consider using an Eskimo/Clam popup ice house for camp shelter before buying a wall tent. This year we used an Eskimo 6120i with quilted walls, it was great. Can also set up cots and sleep probably 3 adults out of it. Last year we used the 4-sided larger quilted Eskimo popup, which was OK for 2 adults to cook/relax in but a little tight with all the cook gear we bring.
  3. Thanks for posting Don. I was wondering when you'd get around to it! Sounds like you had a couple close calls, which is about what I have come to expect with out of state elk hunts with limited time. Joe sure is lucky...
  4. I don't think he has gone yet.
  5. Cheetah


    I am going to order some Somerset grapes to start growing on my property for table eating. Can anyone recommend any other varieties that are readily available and grow well in zone 4B? Everything I found so far appears better suited for wine or juice making.
  6. I picked a handful this year to try. Must say that we were impressed with how good they are sauteed in oil. I only cut the ones about the size of my hand. Some turned out to be quite tough, and when sliced thin and cooked they came out like rubber. The mushrooms that were easy to cut and had thinner pore section cooked very nicely and everyone liked the flavor. I trimmed off the pores and center stem like as advised on various sites I had read before testing. The smell is also nice when fresh cut, like watermelon rind just like I read. I expect I will be harvesting many more of these in
  7. I think I am done for the year. Wisconsin was a success for me these past few days, but not so much for the rookies I took with. I called in a nice 24lb bird with 1" sharp spurs and 10" beard on Friday. The weather really shut them down after that. Finally Sunday morning in the rain showers they came out and put on a show for four hours, but the big tom just would not come in close enough for a shot. Hens dragged him by me one time with a few second opportunity to decide if I should try to stretch the range of my gun, but I held off thinking they would come a few steps further... They
  8. No luck with morels near La Crosse these past few days. Found some ramps and lots of pheasant back / Dryad saddle.
  9. Last weekend was a bust for me, some local guys I ran into had some though. I expect it to improve this weekend with the warmer temps in the area I will be checking.
  10. MN was tough this year. I managed to stay on birds by walking a lot of miles, but had a hard time getting in close enough for a shot as most would not cross fences or leave hens... Ultimately I had to belly crawl up on this guy when he would not leave his little patch of ground above me for over an hour gobbling and drumming within 50yd the whole time.
  11. I came home from the Hills yesterday after a three and a half day hunt that started just as DonBo's finished. Weather was ok in the mornings, bit cool, but rained most afternoons with snow on our last day. Day 1. The first area we checked, which has been productive the last couple years, was not holding birds this year. We scouted a few other past productive areas and again struck out with little to no sign and no birds located. Finally went back to our old stomping grounds in a hard rain just to scout and found lots of sign that first evening. Miserable conditions, so di
  12. Sounds like a busy spring Don, I wish I had more time available to try some other states I've wanted to hunt for a while now. My plans include SD Black Hills the weekend after you with the possibility of going to NE if we tag out early, I'll wave as we go by you on I90. D season in SE MN with a surplus WI tag just in case. E season near La Crosse, WI with a couple rookies. F season up in the air, might consider another WI surplus tag if they are still available and bird numbers look good the previous weekends.
  13. So many tags to buy, not enough time to hunt!
  14. You have to read very carefully what the manufacturer is actually loading into their shells. Most of the blended loads are multiple types of metal. Sometimes lead, copper plated lead, maybe a percentage of actual TSS. You also have to look closely at the amount of each material used. I see some are running light 1oz loads to keep the TSS label on the package but price point lower. Others run only 40% TSS/Tungsten and the rest lead.
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