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Jordyn Kaufer


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Here are some pretty cool photos that i took in Basswood!!!






Feel free to comment on my photos!

Picking up a telephoto lens sunday! cant wait!!!!

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Look like a fun trip on Basswood Jordyn. My favorite of the bunch would be number 4 as well. You asked for some C&C so if I might make a suggestion or two on each of your shots.

#1 The blue is a bit strong for me. I am not sure if you did this in camera (by changing your white balance to tungsten) or in post processing. IMHO you could go a bit easier on saturation and vibrancy. Let the natural beauty you have in front of you come through with your work.

#2 This one as well looks like it was pushed in post. You have lovely scenery to work with. I might have waited a bit longer until the sun lit up those trees along the far shore, I think that would really make the trees stand out against the darker water and possibly the darker sky as well.

#3 If you use foreground elements in your shots it is nice to have them as a frame, or to add something to the composition. As it is the out of focus plant and the branches detract and take your eye away from the beautiful background. In this case I don't believe they help your shot.

#4 I like the composition going on in this shot. My eye stays on photo from top to bottom and left to right without wandering off the shot. The only thing that breaks up the flow is the stick in the lower left.

#5 You have some interesting patterns going on here. Maybe a tighter shot on the grain of the wood would be cool.

I hope this was helpful, please do not take my suggestions in the wrong way. You are doing great by taking pictures and posting for others to see. It will help you develop as a photographer faster when you can see how others perceive your work. Nice job and again thanks for sharing some memories from your trip!

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