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Hello ladies

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Hi fellow fisherladies,

I justed wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Im a newbie to this forum thing my name is Steph, I've watched my other half post before and I was glad to find a ladies area. I love to catch anything thatis biting but i perfer the wallys and definitely muskys. Hey Mattsgal yes you can mix fishing and family together. My other half fishies tourneys and then some. Yet he has found time to help me raise my daughter and our two kids also. So if the relationship it can survive anything including all the seasons from fishing to hunting and baseball- football and dang hockey lol.JUst be careful those guys have a tendency to try brain was the kids in their favor lol. Hope to chat and back forth with you all. Happy fishing and may we out fish he guys

Musky fishing is the bomb
Any Thing else is just bait

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HI Steph, Welcome! Its been so nice to have a couple other gals posting on here. Sounds like you and MattsGal have a lot in common.

I love fishing and catching just about any fish except I really don't like to catch Bullheads. I always just know I'm going to get stuck by their sharp fin. If I was going to pick just one fish I'd have to say big Bluegills on an ultra light rod & reel.

Steph, Do you go on fishing camping trips?


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Hi Steph and a big welcome to you! I also like to fish for anything that bites - even bullheads. grin.gif But I am a fair weather person so when it warms up we will head out. Glad to see a new face around here!


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Hey Steph!

Welcome...I'm so glad there is another Gal to chat with. It's nice to know there are others out there in the same boat (no pun)as me.

Truth is, Matt hasn't fished many tournaments this year yet, so it hasn't been very hard to balance our time. I have yet to see what it's really going to be like.

Last summmer when we met it was still a new relationship and I was still in "single mode" in that I basically did my own thing and he did his. Now that we are a couple who have a year of history, I'm thinking it might be a little harder...especially since tournaments are going to be something new again.

Matt and I are still young as a couple and don't have children, so we still have time to test the waters. I still need time to figure out whether I can live with the guy for 50 years...aside from fishing! smile.gif Don't get me wrong, I love Matt with all my heart and it's definitely a relief for me that Matt enjoys fishing as I do...I know that it is something we can possibly enjoy together for a long time. But, whatever road God takes me on...I do not know. It sure is exciting to think about though!

I thank you for your advice Steph...I may be asking for more in the future.

As for fishing...I love it too! Haven't caught a muskie yet and honestly I have only fished Lake Waconia and Red Lake since I met Matt. I'll tell you what though...I don't like like Sheeps head!!

Keep in touch,


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