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  1. Hi wriggs, Sorry it took me so long to post back. Yes we spend most of our summer up in the Waterville area. We stay at a resort called Best Point on Lake Tetonka. Yes some of us have our own docks and boat lifts. Space is limited. There is a public access right in town, but it isn't on highway 13. You can get to both lakes without a problem. Best Point Resort has a web site you can check out. It is BestPointResort.com I believe. Waterville also has a HSOforum Just enter Waterville Minesota in your search. Its a great area you and your wife will really enjoy it there. If you have any more ??? just let me know.
  2. Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4TH Of July!!!!
  3. If by chance you do end up with your awning full of water don't try an lower it to get the water to run off. Either push it off from under the awning or get a ladder and a bucket to get the water removed before lowering the awning. I've seen awnings buckel when this has happened and also very dangerous to the person lowering it.
  4. Well yes I think it will be some time this weekend. Talked to Linda last night and they should be home some time on Wed.
  5. We will be fishing on Lake Tetonka by Waterville. Where are you going to be fishing?
  6. I'm sorry I forgot about the dvd question. I'm sure there is but I haven't seen them. We have a lot of vcr tapes on fishing and even more books. We also get the Infisherman magazine. Go to the magazine department like in Wal-Mart and you can find many mags on fishing. I'm sure you can find the dvds there also.
  7. FisherMissis, Keep it up sooner or later your going to catch something. My favorite way to fish is with a slip bobber, slip shot sinker and a plain hook with live bait on it. When I cast from shore I usally use a jighead with a twister tail. Green or white work pretty good where I fish. If you think you might have a problem with taking the fish off the hook when you do catch something make sure you have a pair of gloves to handle the fish with and a needle nose plyer to get the hook out of its mouth. Good Luck
  8. Hi Lynno, Sounds like you got yourself a real nice rod & reel. I know fenwick really stands behind there products. We had one that had gotten broken once and took it back and they replaced it. They have a great feel to them. You'll really enjoy it. I would think after this week all the ice should be about gone. I was hoping to beable to get out fishing some this coming weekend, but I have to go to a food show in Lacross Wiss. Hopefully the next weekend will be nice. Oh I see you drive a Ford Focus also. I have a 2001 wagon. I really like the gas mileage compared to what my moutainer use to get. Well off to work have a great day.
  9. Lynno, Last year I came out of the sports show with a new rod and reel and a Leach Lake Filet Knife. I hope your carefull going out on the ice still. I would think it would be getting a little thin. How did the new rod & reel work for you? What kind did you get?
  10. FisherMissis, This is the first year we didn't go to the sports show. We would always make a weekend out of it. Seems like it was so late this year. We did get up to the camper after all. I got it all vacumed and dusted. Check out Fleet Farm they might have a boat like that or comparable for cheaper. They also have a great fishing department.
  11. Its really bad when your so use to getting up at 4:00 AM during the week and can't sleep in on the weekends. Of course it doesn't help when I was so tried last night I went to bed around 8:00 PM. I must be getting old. I keep checking the boards every day hoping to get word that my favorite Lake is open. Clear Lake in Iowa opened up the other day so I know the Southren Lakes in Minn. have to be opening up also. Weather for the weekend sounds really nice. I was hoping to be able to get up to our camper this weekend, but hubby has to go help burn down a building and play with the new fire truck they got. So whats your weekend plans? I might meet up with some friends and go play bingo.
  12. HI Phyl, Its been a long winter. Then my computer decided to take a dive on me. I had to replace my hard drive. Oh well I guess these things can't last for ever. I heard about all the rain in Arizona, we have some friends that spend the winter down there. I'm sure it was still better then up here. We had over a foot of snow a couple weeks ago, but it is all melted now. This nice weather the last couple of days has sure made me want to get back up to the camper. I was hoping this weekend, but hubby has to help burn down a building. Have fun putting that new floor in.
  13. Well its a start to another week. Wow wasn't yesterday just great. We drove up and checked our camper out and went to a river where the water was open and wet a line. Didn't catch anything even managed to break my line and loose my hook and slip bobber, but I didn't care I was fishing. Now its back to work. Have a great week everyone.
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