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  1. I lucked out at Fleet the other day. They had the large grill, small grill and a toaster all in one box for $40.00! I just put the big grill away for future use and will use the other two items for gifts.
  2. Sorry, this gal hates anything below 75 degrees! Putting the boat away this weekend and that is it until spring.
  3. I have cooked fish on the grill and LOVE it. We cook on the Foreman at least 5 times a week. Actually wore one out and had to replace it. The meat is so moist! Take a large tenderloin and cut into 1-2" slices. I then freeze them two to a bag. Thaw, put in a zip bag with soy sauce and olive oil. Then grill - awesome. Also, slice zucchini and do the same. It is awesome. Also used red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini and that is really good. Love my George!
  4. You go girl!!!! We are just sitting here watching it pour - again. Maybe tomorrow we can get out.
  5. Too cold for this girl and it does not bother me to say so. Besides I did not want to get my pretty clean boat dirty and was too busy mowing the lawn for the 3rd time this week! Man, we need some nice weather.
  6. Well, it depends on if hubby gets the boat running. We got it out and I waxed and cleaned up the inside so it is all pretty now, but when he was working on it he broke a spark plug and could not find one locally. So if he can find one and get it running we will go to Pelican Lake as usual. We know the lake and it is fun even if we don't catch any fish. But of course you know me - it better be warm or I'm not going.
  7. A Big Thank You! to all you kind gentlemen!
  8. Hi Mary: My computer also crashed last week! Lucky for me they got it up and running again. I had downloaded HotBar on there and when I decided I did not want it any more I uninstalled it. A couple of weeks letter we had this pop up saying that something was wrong with hot bar and did we want to repair it. Unfortunately he clicked on yes. It crashed the whole system! What a mess. But all is well now. Amazing how much you miss these things when you don't have them. The kitchen looks great and we finally have everything cleaned up. Now it is time to start outside. We have had nice weather and missed all the snow you received, but tomorrow sounds like high winds - but warm anyway. Yes, AZ was a lot warmer than here even if it did rain a lot. I haven't got the itch to fish yet - not warm enough for us summer fishers! Maybe we will go over and look at the boat and think about taking it out of storage this weekend. Or maybe we will haul rock. I have one flower bed left to fill up with rock and we get it out of the neighbors fields. Lots of work but it looks nice and is really cost effective. The labor is tough though. Have a great weekend!
  9. Hi All: I have been gone for awhile so decided to check in. Looks like you all have spring fever bad. We went to AZ for 3 weeks to watch it rain and hail. My husband got caught in a hail storm while riding his horse in the park. Maybe next time he will listen to his wife when she says "those clouds don't look very good" - yeah right. We have been busy putting new tile in our kitchen (which we brought back from AZ). It is taking some time (mostly because he has to quit and go ride) but it sure is looking great. Hopefully we will be done this week and still married - but who knows. I don't ice fish and it has been too cold to even think about fishing for this gal. I figure if it's not at least 70 the boat stays home! Our weather for next the rest of the week does not look like it is going to have me getting the boat out of storage for awhile. Oh well, at least we did not get all the snow they got down south.
  10. Hi Kris: Don't want to talk about it! I hate cold weather and my husband says I have been complaining since the first of August about how cold it is - again! ------------------ Phyl
  11. Hello Char and welcome to our site! I really had a giggle over the small parts in the stroller. That is our mission every Xmas, to find something for my husband to put together. It drives him nuts! He hates doing anything that involves tools unless it is fixing fence. Hope you enjoy our site and come back often. ------------------ Phyl
  12. delmuts: Maybe that would work! Do you think if I just put the address on them and not the name he would realize whose they were? ------------------ Phyl
  13. Actually that Tupperware, Gladware class should be "Please return Gladware container to house after taking out cat food"! I don't even want to estimate how many I have lost because they never get back in the house and get thrown away. ------------------ Phyl
  14. Hey guys - I am so proud! The gal that hates to has a good idea. Actually I do have a pot of cilantro growing in my kitchen, but I thought this was a great idea. I like the idea about the limes and lemons too. Another thing you never have when you live in the hills. ------------------ Phyl
  15. We live 40 miles from town and seems like whenever I find a recipe that uses fresh herbs there are none in the ref. Or I buy some and only use part of them and then the rest go to waste. I saw this idea in a magazine and thought I would pass it along. Chop up your fresh herbs, find an ice cube tray, measure out one teaspon of herbs, put in each section of tray and add water. Freeze. Then when frozen transfer to a baggie. Then when you need them for a recipe you can just take out the amount you need. I dry some of my own, but thought this was a good idea. ------------------ Phyl
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