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Jim W

Trout and Salmon Management funds (ie. stamp hike inquiry)

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Ok people this is what I recieved so far. This coming in from Mark Ebbers, Trout and Salmon Program Consultant.

Revenue generated from the sales of Trout and Salmon Stamps is deposited into the Trout and Salmon Management Fund. Each Biennium the legislature allocates a portion of this fund to the Division of fisheries.

Trout and Salmon Stamp funds can be spent on the activities listed below(Minnesota Statutes 97A.075, Subd 3).

1) The Development, restoration, maintenance and preservation of trout streams and lakes;
2) Rearing of trout and salmon and stocking of trout and salmon in streams and lakes and Lake Superior;
3) Acquisition of easements and fee title along trout waters;
4) Identifying easement and fee title areas along trout waters
5) Research and special management projects on lake Superior and the anadromous portion
of it's tributaries.

The Table below lists the total amount of Trout and Salmon Management Funds budgeted in fiscal year 2004 by activity.

Activity Amount
1 $211,200
2 $408,200
3 $321,100
4 $7,200
5 $ 82,300
Total $1,030,000

Expenditures from the Trout and Salmon Management Fund for Fiscal year 2000 - fiscal 2002 arelisted in the table below by activity. Expenditures for the fiscal year 2003 have not yet been summarized at this time.

$114,608(activity 1), $336,496(activity 2), $4040(3), 0 (4), $14,068(for activity 5)
Total= $469,212

Fiscal year 2001:

Activity 1 = $205,746
Activity 2 = $443,108
Activity 3 = $0
Activity 4 = $0
Activity 5 = $46,536
Total = $695,390


1 = $95,378
2 = $406,925
3 = $0
4 = $0
5 = $46,835
Total = $549,138

The above figures represent only the expenditures from the Trout and Salmon Stamp Management Fund and not the total expenditure for each activity.

You also requested information on theTrout and Salmon stamp Citizen Oversight Committee.
IN the early 1990's, the legislature authorized the formation of committees to review and report on the expenditure of various DNR funds. The Commissioner of the DNR appoints members to each committee. The Trut and Salmon Stamp Citizen Oversight Committee is made up od a representative from Trout Unlimited, Minnesota Trout Association,
Lake Superior Steelhead Association, and Women Anglers of Minnesoat and one unaffiliated member.

Each November the Division of Fisheries provides the Trout ANd Salmon Stamp Committee with a break down of the previous fiscal years expenditures from the Trout and Salmon Management Fund. After reviewing this document, the committee sumits a report to the legislature and the DNR Commissioner on their findings and recommendations.

MArk Ebbers
Trout and Salmon Program Consultant
Division of Fisheries
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-4012
([email protected])

Thanks Mark!

Jim W

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Thanks Jim for aquiring that info for us and thanks to Mark for suppling it!

Interesting stuff.


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