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  1. Greetings, Just a month out from the 15th Annual Trout Day held in Forestville State Park May 2nd, 2015. FREE (State Park pass not included) Tentative Agenda, 8:30AM Registration Coffee Rolls Juice 9:00AM Introductions 9:15AM Streams 101 DNR's Steve Klotz 9:45AM Fly Fishing and Spin stream fishing Seminars 10:15-10:45AM Give a shot at Trout fishing, fly casting/fishing Fly tying demo, free time to fish, hike Q and A for special guests 12:00PM Weiner Roast(bottled water until supply runs out) 12:30PM Entertainment: Author, Story teller, Humorist and Ornithologist Al Batt 1:30PM Lanesboro Fisheries own Vaughn Snook DNR led Electro-fishing demonstration and Status of the fishery/ Q and A 2:15PM Door Prize time at the Pavillion Door Prizes provided by Limit Creek Fishing Rod Company. New guests this year Local Conservation officer Steve Chihak and George Spnagler from the National Trout Center(NTC) TBD Bob Bickford from St. Croix Valley Adventures. Trout Day has received a waiver allowing all REGISTERED attendess to fish with in the park with out a license and trout stamp. Please dress apropriately, Trout Day is held rain or shine. If you are interested in helping or have questions regarding the event please contact Jim at (507)216-9816
  2. Dark, did you change your number? Tried texting you several times. I suppose you might have blocked me, keeping the driftless area riff raff away? Jim W
  3. Hello, Some new information for the 13th Annual Trout Day in Rochester Forum below. Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
  4. May 4th 2013 held in Forestville State Park. Details in Rochester SE forum. Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
  5. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    Thanks Kevin, Not quite as many as last year, but the blame falls on yours truly for not having as much time to focus on advertising. Granted the kids to adults ratio was much better this year. Good to see kids getting out! Thanks for your help Kev, Steve and Chris, Steve Klotz (of course), Al Batt, my folks and most importantly my wife and children who helped a lot this year!!! Looking forward to #13 Keep the rods bendin'!! Jim W
  6. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    Looks like decent weather again folks. Please note 8:30 AM registration and the first presentation starts at 9:00AM sharp. Out of respect for others and the presenters, please be on time. A full days agenda will be available at registrations. Looking forward!!! Jim W
  7. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    For those interested here is a penciled agenda for the day. 8:30AM Rolls, juice, coffee and registration. 9:00AM Welcome 9:05AM Introduction to streams, stream trout and SE MN stream geology and driftless area DNR's Steve Klotz. 10:00AM ish Intro to fly fishing ( provided by friend of Trout Day Bob Johnston and son)and spin fishing. (If I get enough rolls and coffee I might share what little I have learned about stream fishing in SE MN) Q and A through out the day Immediately following: Fishing, hiking, morel hunting, story telling and good old fellowship. Rods and reels provided for those who need them(limited supply) 12:00PM Noon sharp! Weiner Roast 12:30PM Humorist, story teller, author and orinthologist Al Batt will speak. If you have watched the movie a "Big Year" Al has gone birding not too long ago with one of the main characters portrayed in the movie. Cool stuff.. Following the all time favorite electrofishing demonstration on the stream. Come witness how the DNR collects stream data working towards their creel surveys. *** Please try to car pool to the parking area. Last year there wasn;t any place to park.(I guess that's a good thing?) After that for those interested, we return to the pavillion where I give away rods and reels, t-shirts etc. One month out folks. Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
  8. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    Update: I just received the Special Permit from the DNR. All adults registered at the 12th Annual Trout Day can fish in the park with out a fishing license or trout stamp on the designated waters of the South Branch. Must be catch and release. No where else folks does this happen. Keep the rods bendin'!!!! Jim W
  9. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    Thanks Bob I will. Thanks for the clips Kev! As you can see I can't possibly help this size of crowd by myself. I get a few helpers each year, but could use more. If you are an experienced stream fisherman fly or spin come on down I'll find someone who would love to learn from you. Keep the rod bendin'!!! Jim W
  10. Jim W

    12th Annual Trout Day

    Update: Friend of Trout Day, humorist, author and story teller Al Batt will return again this year. Fisheries friend will provide a electro fishing demonstration and again a wonderful presentation on streams and trout. Weiner roast and door prizes once again. More to come. In Process: Last year I received a permit(first of it's kind) to allow those registered at Trout Day, to fish with out a license or trout stamp on the designated waters of the South Branch Root river in the state park. Just need to get the paper work in. Thanks Nate!! All are welcome to come, and or donate. Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
  11. Set for May 5th annually held in Forestville Mystery Cave State Park. Any experienced stream fishermen interested in volunteering, send private. This is NOT an event geared towards specific applications, political or group affiliation. More details to come! Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
  12. This years Trout Day held in Forestville Mystery Cave State Park is set for May 5th! Hope to see more new faces and outdoor enthusiasts this year! Only event where you can fish on a designated trout stream with out a license! More details to come!! Keep the rods bendin'!! Jim W
  13. I would love to pat your back Kev....but I'm simply [PoorWordUsage] off with envy! Just kidding. You put the time in, like fishing and a big gal will show up. Keep the rods and backs bendin'!!! Jim W
  14. Hope to see a few new faces tomorrow. Weather is looking good. Keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W
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