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Cracking the Baitfish Code

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I've been having a hard time distinguishing baitfish on my graph. I know most of this is due to graph quality so I need to upgrade but are there other things I should be noticing? Water conditions or bottom content? What do I need for an upgrade. I'm using an ID128 (yeah I know) ? The 320 seems appealing but will it show me baitfish recognizable to my eyes and peabrain? All of this pertains to pursuing inland lakers.


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Chuncky never turn on the fish ID on your depth finder. A good size trout will look bannana shaped or like a long line on your depth finder. Even without the best depth finder on the market.

If you see what you think is a school of bait fish then look for those bannana's or lines to be in, behind, or under the school of bait fish.

One thing that may look like a school of bait fish is mayflies emerging from the bottom. They emerg from muddy bottoms and can look like a school of bait fish.

"Study to be quite"

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