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  1. I'm still playing. Guess I'll never grow out of it. My wife and I have a duo plus we both play in another band. We both were in bands when we were younger as well. Took a little break and got back at it.
  2. They have one at my wife's workplace. Customers seem to really like it.
  3. You have your work cut out for you! First off, have an electrician pull a permit for the new service and have he/she install it. Better to start from scratch with new. Sounds like your SE may have some issues so it's better to have someone qualified to do that work. That service will need to be inspected by the state. While the inspector is there, tell him what you intend to do. Pick his brain a bit. Next get a couple of good DIY electrical books, NEC 05 handbook, and start studying. Pull your homeowners permit. When you're ready you'll have a nice new service to start from.
  4. There's also some lights on the market that use a radio signal to turn on the other floods. They all just use a standard hot and neutral so no extra wiring involved. Just set them to the same channel and you're good to go.
  5. Oh we mix it up pretty good. Mostly originals with some covers mixed in. Americana-Altcountry- Rock with a smidgin' of other spices
  6. Yes, the chunksters band, DARN LOSERS is playing in Ely at Dee's Bar Saturday Dec 8th. Hope to see a FMer there!
  7. You'll just need to call en electrical contractor that has the equipment to locate. Most of us carry that in our trucks and it's not that big of a deal.
  8. Quote: Quote: Just steal the signs from somebody down the block. The actual system really isn't neccesary. I strongly disagree. A sign can't notify someone in case of a fire, or power outage, or flooded basement, or if your furnace quits and your house starts to freeze up. Security goes far beyond theft. No, I don't sell security systems. I do sell and install . The above quote is absolutely right. Home security is not just burg and fire. It also monitors environmental issues with the house. Low temp, high temp, water sensor (for busted pipes), CO, and many more options. Some of my sytems involve remote temp control and other home automation aspects. Wireless systems are usually installed in existing construction and the technology has come a long long way. I would make a list of options you would like and have a couple of installers shoot you a bid. Remember to ask about monitoring service charges. As far as name brand, I'd stay from the BigBox store brands. I use DSC systems mainly and have found them to be excellent.
  9. Agreed for sure. Two of the POCOs I deal with just started that policy last year.
  10. POCOs are backing away from giving new customers off-peak rate for floor systems. If possible I would look at getting a storage unit or two to compliment your floor heat. However I'm not sure how your service is set up. We have installed dual/fuel - off peak services with two channel radio boxes.
  11. I'll throw in one last bit. We install quite a bit of off-peak storage units. There are a few different types including stand-alone, forced air, and heat exchanger hydronics. Steffes is one manufacturer.
  12. Quote: Played Fooseball until 6 a.m. with Mick Jones of the Clash one time..... DUDE! That is way too cool!
  13. Quote: I'm planning on using friction fit bats. Make sure not to squeeze the insulation into the stud bays. The more compact, the less the R value. Most of the insulation crews I see use a long putty knife to snug the edges along the stud bays rather than push the whole bat in. I know it's hot right now but WEAR A MASK, LONG SLEEVES, AND GLOVES. You'll be happy person in the end. Oh, and have fun
  14. FYI, the elements or sometimes stat units have a high-limit switch on them. Sort of like a reset. If the T-Stat fails the high limits should "kick out". Also. if the Hot H2O unit is not in sight of your service panel, it should have a disconnect installed per NEC.
  15. Congrats man. Glad you got it done. It can pretty hard work at times. Good luck on the insulating. WEAR A MASK!
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