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WB make the CUT

Rise and Shine on Opener

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Heres one to help get us though this week.
Tell us about your opening morning schedules and rituals...Like what time do you get up and what takes place before you are on stand and ready.

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After the alarm buzzis for 5-10 minutes at 4:00am some finally gets up and turns it off.
Go find asprin, take three because two won't work! Turn on the TV and turn to the weather channel to see wich way the wind is blowing and the temp. Turn up volume as to wake up the sleeping-beuties that didn't go to sleep until after 1:00am or after and try to wake them up. If they don't wake up right then and there then they can get there own sleepy-a$$ out whenever and not complain to me that we didn't wake them! Last year my brother didn't wake up after he went to bed at 2:30am. Well I watched about 15 deer go into the area he was supposed to be in and he wasn't there, he was sleeping!
Put on long underware, thermal sock, foot warmers, sweat-pants, fleece pants, and finally your camo hunting pants. Then five minutes after that try to sit down on the toilet without taking all of the clothes you just put on so you can do your thing relaxed! Ha HA!
Drive to your place to hunt and repeat what you did earlier and hope you brought toilet paper, and make sure your down wind of where you are hunting!
Take out sent pad and put sent on them and hope a buck don't think you are in heat!
Get to treestand and listen to the deer that are running away after you just about walk over them on your way to the stand! That's what happened to me last year!
Get in treestand, put safety belt on, pull up gun and fanny pack, hang all the stuff you want handy on you hooks that are screwed in the tree, put outer coat on so you don't get cold and look at watch every 5 minutes to see if it is shooting time yet.
Then the sun eventually light the woods and everything comes alive and then BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, sounds like the hunter missed. Sure wakes you up and your adrenilin really starts flowing! Can't wait!

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