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  1. BH One of the best stories I've read here,the others were too Great thread Great persistence!!!
  2. A little slow in 156 I hunted 7 day about 8hrs per day saw 4 deer all in one sit. Our group of 4 tagged 2 bucks and 2 does
  3. The difference is .0025 Had to do it Coot
  4. LONE WOLF..............worth every penny I'll have to check out the viper..
  5. 100 feet of "FLOATING ROPE" Spot light. Flares with current date
  6. Deception to Bear Narrows is a good haul, I've run it. YOu can certainly find good fish in Sen bay which is about half way to Bear and ride that you wont have to worry what the wind does.
  7. Been stopped three times on Lac Seul the last question I always have asked is " can we have beer in the boat?" They all tell you in a differnt way, but bottom line it is not worth it. Dont get me wrong I luv a frosty, but it makes you lazy while you fish anyway. I agree with Hem
  8. No excuses this year Mak!!!! Great choice!
  9. Once your string is broken in and stopped stretching it should no longer rotate. Bingo PS, shoot the dump out of in and have your shop reset it. Mine did the exact same thing
  10. To me every head needs to be checked for shapness on every hunt! G5 has made many inovations in easy fied sharpend heads, and you dont need a diamond, but one would work I shoot the Montec, they shoot fine when tuned, something that those who shoot mechanicals dont consider important. On a scale of 1-10 I give it an 8 they seem a litte small on the shaft and bend easy when you miss. If you miss
  11. Lac Suel is actually 348,266 acres Its Ontario;s second largest body of water. It measures 75 mile for Ear Falls outlet to near Sioux Lookout. It drains an area of 10,200 square miles including 7500 smaller lakes. Lac Seul is French for lake alone, it was named by a French trapper who was forced to spend an entire winter alone on the lake around 1750, he named it appropriatley. Enough history for the day.
  12. Capt I've been doing the housboat gig for awhile, send me an email and maybe I can give a tip or two, if your interested
  13. Have any of you guys that have been up there a number of times ever done the houseboat thing? I saw a ton of them when I was up there and it looked like it could be a lot of fun. Radke I have been houseboating for about 8 years, it is second to none in my opinion, Hudson has two outfitters that do a good job. It can be a little spendy but for 5 or 6 guys for a week 4 grand is'nt too bad. If you try it make sure your guided out the first trip and alway buy the insurance although I think that's not an option. A few years back we were on Taylor island when the big fire came through. Image. sitting on the top of the house boat at midnite with the Norhternlights going in the north and the glow of the fire in the south, throw in a cold Labatts and you have a real memory maker. Give it a try but you need to make reservations a year in advance or you may be required to get on a waiting list.. Good Luck
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