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RV is to broad of a name

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I get frustrated looking at campers on hsolist because "RV" is used for so many types of vehicles.

Everything from ATV's, snowmobiles, campers, trailers (all types), motor homes. Gee, there should be some other classifications for these things eek

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You can filter your results on Clist by adding key words. Try something like 5th wheel or motorhome on the search for line, it works good.

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You can filter your results on Clist by adding key words. Try something like 5th wheel or motorhome on the search for line, it works good.

OK, so if your are looking for a camping trailer there are still way to many options to try to narrow the search. 5th wheel and motorhome are easy to find, but a camping trailer is not. It depends on how the seller has it described.

Probably no good solution, just a gripe I guess frown

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Travel trailer got good results in the Minneapolis section. Here are the first few.

Apr 25 - 2005 Jayco travel trailer - $12995 - (Cameron, WI) pic

Apr 25 - 2007 Gulfstream Conquest Supreme - $16500 - (Minneapolis)

Apr 25 - 2005 Palomino Stampede 21 foot Hybrid Travel Trailer - $11300 - (Inver Grove Heights) pic

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • PF,   I’ve noticed lately that we agree on several topics but I disagree here.  Yes, the early inception of QDM and associated APRs was too one-sided but you honestly can’t elevate age structure by killing so many yearlings like we do.  It would take ONE year for hunters to notice an uptick in average size and increase in Buck/Doe ratio.  In two years those bucks would be branch antlered deer.  Yes, fawns are tender but I’m pretty comfortable with stating the difference in meat quality between a 1.5 year old deer and 2.5 year is more dependent on the taking and care of the game.   But all this doesn’t matter anyway.  We put 400,000 plus hunters in the woods every November to manage the population by harvest.  That’s it; that’s all the DNR is interested in and we’ve grown comfortable with the plans familiarity.  Even if we took a year off from shooting yearlings, the 2.5s would be gleaned right off the top with the gauntlet we field each year.  And by popular opinion, the general hunting public in this state is OK with it.   I’ll argue to my death that is why people who actually care about quality deer hunting in a state that is well suited for it have to go outside the regular FA season at a minimum to get it. And better yet, acquire as much manageable property as one can and build their own herd.  Which in turn further limits access to others, helps overcrowd public land and lowers the bar even further.   Pretty much everyone I know that pursues deer enough to go out if state, get into archery, buy or lease land knows this state is capable of a more developed herd.  And I think that is the point Satchmo is trying to ge to here.  It’s just a really big issue with a really big group of opinions weighing in.  And so many who believe there is no “Issue” to resolve.   **This post typed before Satchmo’s above. 
    • PF,   You're absolutely right. The only way to limit harvest and rebuild the herd in many areas is thru regulation, because too many people still to do things the old fashioned way and kill everything that the DNR says they can.   The antlerless tag allocations are based on faulty population estimates at best. The most accurate assessment of the herd comes from the boots on the ground. Which means YOU the hunters. I take NO heed in the DNR numbers in my area. WE manage our local population. My group passes small bucks when there are few & take does when they are plentiful. We monitor our deer year round, do habitat improvements throughout the year, and take out predators when we can.  This however is not the norm in the gun hunting circles.    The APR guys don't even follow their own advise when it comes to doe harvest. I find that most of the vocal, hardcore APR advocates are hunting SE MN, where the populations have been over goal for years, and they are trophy hunting. In many of those areas, they SHOULD be taking does to bring the herd dynamics back in to line. Those guys want everyone else to follow their plan that benefits their trophy hunting goals. A large part of the rest of the MN would benefit more from protecting does, not bucks. I'd much rather see a plan that benefits the herd, not the special interest groups.
    • It’s interesting when people compare Wisconsin to Minnesota for Deer management and population. Here’s a few things to think about that make them different and why Wisconsin has such a robust Deer population compared to Minnesota.  1)      The whole state of Wisconsin is at a lower elevation then most of Minnesota meaning less sever winters for their northern Deer herd as compare to Minnesota. 2)      Land terrain. There are some large differences.   3)      Wolves, as the map shows Minnesota has way more fawn eaters then Wisconsin.   4)      Later season. Part 1 allows the rut to be almost completed before hunting starts meaning more Doe’s have been bread. Part 2 Their last weekend is on Thanks giving which for a good number of guys means they are no way in He!! Going to be hunting at least on Thanks given day unless they want a divorce!    
    • spring truly really doesn't arrive till the ole slew pumpers show up........... blue herons. i have noticed more birds lately at the feeders so its a good start. that all all this snow forecasted didn't show up either!!!!!
    • Face it. What you are talking about can only be done through  regulation by reducing the numbers of hunters or licenses in the state which means fewer hunters.   The APR guys for years told people to stick a doe or two in the freezer instead of a buck because they were ignorant and didn't understand that does drive population and they would have been better off in the long run taking a spike.   If you really want to improve age structure then tell everyone to stop shooting the big ones and the age structure will improve overnight.   Now,let's cut to the chase- the best thing we can do is focus on habitat development. The more and better the habitat,the better the hunting will be. Focus on that and stop trying to divide the hunters over who can take what and with what.    Imagine how the muskie population would look if they took every bug muskie they hooked and left the smaller ones. It would look like the northern population where they do just that.    Let the big ones walk to improve the age structure and take a tender,young spike to fill your tag and you will begin to see more deer and bigger deer. 
    • Even though my group passes small bucks and practices selective doe harvest, That is completely by choice. I also choose to put in food plots and drop aspen, birch, maple, or ash trees for the deer in Jan/Feb to help them out in my swamp/cattle country area. I do not care what the neighbors do.  I  also do not believe there would be any reason to halt party hunting or to implement APRs if the herd was managed for a higher more stable number. We need to stop the big pendulum swings in doe harvest however, and  we certainly need a much more accurate population assessment and a fine tuned harvest plan to accomplish that. I do like the way WI has their units broken down by county to give them the ability to fine tune the harvest. Currently in MN, some of the antlerless areas in MN span some large areas with multiple kinds of terrain and very different herd dynamics. Very large counties could even be broken down.   As far as APRs, I'm not a giant fan, but even if get pushed through in SE MN by the small, loud special interest groups pushing for it there, I would want all youth 16 and under exempted from them.
    •   I think that depends on a few variables.  I agree it won’t help with some but that still leaves some that could.  It’s an interesting question.   On a related note, I was offered a chance to request access through a relative of a land owner last season after it was under way.  The request was made but the answer was NO because someone using archery gear already had permission for the season.  Admittedly they didn’t know when the hunter was coming/going or even if they’d been successful yet.  And they weren’t going out of their way to find out.  “Maybe check next year before season starts”.  Disappointing but that’s how it goes.   Well, I put the ask in this year already and mentioned I’d be happy to help with some chores if needed.  Also I made it clear I wasn’t asking for exclusive permission. Waiting for a reply. I don’t even know how good the property is - it’s just a chance to get out, meet some folks and see something new.   I believe last year’s hunter (I know who they were) had permission on multiple properties and used them based on activity.  Yep, a great scenario for any hunter!  But if we all collect as much as possible for our exclusive use and don’t release anything even after getting a bird, it really shuts other hunters down.
    •   Nice perspectives in your post above.    Yes!  It’s quite early for woodies and I’m still scratching my head over that one.  A lone drake, flew right over the top of me and headed down into the woods like they normally do here.  Been wondering if it was mistaken identity with a hooded merg but two days later a hooded drake merg flew over me in the opposite direction and it was different.   As days go by the question persists but I was immediately skeptical when I saw and heard the woodie approaching and couldn’t disprove it as it passed by.   I love the days in life when this is one of the biggest questions to think about! 
    • This is exactly why nothing changes with our regulations.  The general MN hunting public too afraid to try some changes that are aimed at improving the age structure and breeding buck/doe ratio in our herd.   It would take 3 years max to figure out the effects of the changes but the general public won’t tolerate even a little bit of sacrifice for a short amount of time.  It’s too disruptive to what is known.   The general “MN hunting public” is the FA deer hunter.  Based on license sales, that’s what we do.  Sure, many of us buy some other licenses and do other things but the FA deer season is IT for a large percentage of the MN hunting public.  And for good reason: it’s the easiest and most social hunt of the year.  That’s all it is.  We take what we can get for a couple weeks and pretty much forget about the woods the rest of the year.   Sometimes taking 1 step back to take 2 forward is a good plan.
    • This time of the year, as ice outs on Harriet and the formerly known as Calhoun, the migrators assemble.  Some of the rafts are huge including upwards of maybe a dozen species (or so I have been told).  I just love to watch them.  I get an especial kick out of the antagonism between the loons and the much smaller grebes.  The loons never seem to be able to catch the grebes and they never seem to be able to quit pestering the loons.  Isn't this quite early for woodies?  If you want pictures once they get back, there are always quite a few of them on Powderhorn.  The crew residing my house has pretty much kept the wildlife out of my back yard, but I know it is spring, because the snow is almost gone and the garlic planted last fall is already pushing about 3" out of the ground, tall enough to row all the varieties.  There have been a pair of cardinals in my shrubs all winter long, hopefully they come back once the crew is done, supposedly next Tuesday.