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  1. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Foundation crack repair

    Don't know yet. It's about four feet down and I'm not able to do the work myself. Just looking for a recommendation on who I trust to fix it without gouging us.
  2. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Foundation crack repair

    We have a suspected crack in the foundation wall of our basement. Leaks a bit of water into the basement when storms blow heavy rain against that side. Looking for recommendations on who to call for repairing it. It's about four feet from ground level.
  3. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Webofcam worked ok, but lots of delay. Use the camera on my Galaxy S5 and my iPad 2 for the monitor. I think the delay is caused by the iPad. Looking to update the iPad when the next version is released and will report back.
  4. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Another reason to get a go-pro
  5. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Got gas?

    Not what you think. Wondering how old is your boat gas? I have a built in tank and hate the gas gauge because it doesn't work very well. I don't use my boat much and the gas is over a year old. I only buy non-oxy and treat it with Seafoam. I would love to cruise around the lake to burn it up, but don't want to get stranded either. Afraid to carry a gas can because gas smell from a spill is forever in a boat. Maybe I could strap one into the splash well area of the boat. Anyway, how old is your boat gas and what do you treat it with? There are advantages to the old portable gas tanks as far as knowing how much fuel you really have.
  6. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Trailer Bunk Carpet

    Bobby, what kind of pads are they? Are they white, or black? I've seen a few models and wondering which ones to get.
  7. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    I can't because it's not my garage. Actually I've considered using a floor laser line level to project a line to follow.
  8. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    My need is to have a set of eyes in the garage to see the boat position while backing in. Not so much where to stop, but to view if it is going in straight or crooked. You can't see the boat position once it's past the door and there is not much room left to right. If it goes in crooked it will hit the wall, or stuff that is on the other side. Ends up he has wifi there and I connected it to try it out. Lots of delay with mine and camera position wasn't the best. I'm going to try another phone and try putting it in the rafters of the garage for a down view.
  9. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Let's say the other place didn't have wifi, but I've paired my phone to the iPad at home. Can I use both devices on 4g at the other place?
  10. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Just installed the ap on my smartphone and ipad2, got them paired and ready to go. I'm using the phone camera and veiwing on the iPad. Going to prop the phone on the garbage can in the back of the garage, should be ideal spot and easy to do. Bringing the boat home next week so we will give it a test. I store my boat in another garage and only bring it home occasionally. Can I use this on multiple networks?
  11. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Love this idea! Just what I need. Mirrors won't work for my application. I need to simulate standing in the back of the garage and I think this phone and iPad combo should work great. I will report back.
  12. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Camera for backing boat trailer

    Thinking about installing a wireless camera on the back wall of my garage so I can better see the boat when I'm backing it in. Onr that would work with my iPad, or smartphone is preferred. Thoughts?
  13. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    Garage floor protection from salt damage

    What is a good way to protect my garage floor from salt damage from winter salty slush? I would love to have it coated by the garage floor guys, but is there a cheaper and effective option?
  14. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    TiVo models?

    Update: I borrowed my son-in-laws TiVo HD model. Built in 2008. Going to try it on antenna mode only. Can I just buy the wireless adapter I see online to make it work for what I want to do?
  15. Wish-I-Were-Fishn

    TiVo models?

    Thinking about getting a used TiVo. I have wireless internet only and no land line. I know some models require either a land line, or wired wired internet to update programming. Planning on using it to record shows using an antenna for now. What models should I look for and is there any other advise?