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Review, sort of... Timbren SES for sagging half ton

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I finally put on my Timbren SES (suspension enhancement system) for my 98 K1500. Here are some thoughts after a couple long trips with heavy loads.

Initial Problem: My rear end sagged big time... on my truck, that is smile I guess the combo of the weaker half ton springs and years of heavy loads in my truck made my springs weaker, saggier. Even without a load, it sagged HUGE...

Potential solutions: New springs, or helper leafs (real common one) or the Timbren SES.

I had heard good things about the SES, so decided to try it, especially since it cost about $175 only and I could do it myself.

I could add the installation experience, but only if anybody is even interested. It was pretty easy using standard wrenches and impact wrench and a couple floor jacks and stands.

Result - my rear end isn't sagging smile It looks new again, my lights are back to being adjusted properly, not shining into the midnight sky! When you go to sit on the tailgate, it doesn't drop 4 inches, and when you hook the boat (or any trailer) up it doesn't have to be cranked down 3-4 inches before the truck stops dropping.

I had it loaded with contrete blocks and pavers, and a trailer loaded with the same last weekend. The rear end did not sway as it had in the past, and even though the trailer never felt "bad" back there, it really felt like nothing was there, it trailed great, and the truck handled better and tracked better.

Down side - my brother felt rides more like his newer 07 silverado now, with a tighter suspension, but meaning you feel more of the bumps. My wife think it rides more like a "lumber truck" especially when empty. I can notice it is much stiffer, but not what I would call "rough". You do feel more of the road though.

When empty, there should be a 1" gap between the SES and the axle, but my leafs are so weak that there is no gap at all. That puts the SES into effect even when empty. Yep, my springs are pretty well weak, ha! But that doesn't matter, as the SES stops take care of it and do what they need to.

For anybody with sagging rear end or hauls heavy loads or just needs a bit more support for the rear of your truck, I recommend this product as somethig to consider instead of a helper leaf or spring replacement. $175 or so and about two hours of your afternoon will get the job done smile

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Good review Box smile

Thanks for sharing!

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I could add the installation experience, but only if anybody is even interested. It was pretty easy using standard wrenches and impact wrench and a couple floor jacks and stands.

Good review, and I'd be interested in what's involved for the installation.

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Just checked before bed, and thought I'd add the install jw smile

First, it comes with two rubber cylinders, that are like air bags without the air - they are thick and open on the ends. You mount those to steel mounting brackets that also come with it. The bolts and washers come with as well, but I added locktite on my own.

Then you jack the rear end up letting the suspension hang. I.e. I used a floor jack with a 6x6 under the bumper to get it high enough to get truck up with tires off the ground and axle hanging. Take the rear tires off.(I actually put front end up as well, and rotated tires since they were off.)

Then take the stock axle stops off, including the brackets for my installation. (Some configurations leave the old brackets but only take the rubber stops off) This was just a box end wrench on the frame side, and impact under, two bolts was it. On drivers side it was a bit tougher as there was the brake line to try to get the wrench inside of... so I swore a little bit, ha!

Put the new bracket on with the new stop sitting right over the axle. Two bolts go right through the stock holes, so no drilling needed. Do the same for the other side.

Put tires back on, drop it. That's it.

If your springs aren't worn as bad as mine was, there should be an inch of room between the axle and the new rubber stop, but mine is basically just sitting on it, but I always carry a floor jack in truck, and some tools and stuff, so maybe that is partly why mine touches.

It also comes with an extra spacer in case your truck sits higher and you have more than an inch. I seriously think my rear end now looks like it was was it was new, sitting high and not squatting at all.

Worth a look, you can easily find their site and see what it looks like. I got the advice from some bassboat guys who towed a ton for tournies and also who used them in a bigger model for their normal job on big rigs and dump trucks, etc.

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