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End of season?

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you have to look forward to the great panfish bite comeing in march. plus tullys, and trout.

I do most my ice fishing in march.

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no, don't worry,

head to LOTW for year end, can't go wrong,

fish till mid april, every year on eyes, all year on norts.

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Some of the best walleye and perch fishing is ahead of us here in the Dakota's. Devils Lake and it associated lakes from now to April will be getting progressively better.

For the dedicated walleye ranger, a trip to Lake Winnipeg would be well worth it, all of the remaining days in February and all of March will be good.

I have week planned for Lake Winnipeg myself soon, can't wait!

It's ><,sUMo,> CPR time!

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    • Anyfish2 has good advice!
    • Not sure where best topic for this is, so here it is... Pretty funny....From Twitter  
    • Everyone has to be good for something right??   Hope you make it. 
    • Meh, like I said. His mistake was going into an open interview with questions that were never vetted and pre approved like traditionally happens and yeah, for that he and his campaign need to do better. Especially since he fell into it on the MSHRC network before. I agree 100% that he should either have been ready for something like this or made sure he knew what was coming before he agreed to do it. If course there is always the chance they agreed to the questions ahead of time and threw this in without him expecting it.    One way or the other he us taking questions that other candidates aren't and he is making himself available for questions that the other two aren't. This doesn't bother me at all. What I want to hear asked of the other candidates is how they are paying for what they are proposing and also if sending Americans to fight in the middle East is that important, are they willing to send their kids to do it.
    • I will never understand why anyone would take a trip to western NoDak before pheasant season opens up. That's the whole draw of that area! The duck hunting there isn't quite as good as other parts of the state, but it's the best area for chasing roosters
    • Oh so we shouldn't measure the candidates against each other, that makes perfect sense.

      Lesser of 3 evils!
    • Latest rooster update going to be a little tough here as a few guys finally chopped a little bit, usually by now silo's are full and done, we're still quite wet, beans none harvested, think the birds have more then enough cover, I just hope when the floods hit it didn't push the birds into areas with the predators also and or the water got lots of the young. Best hatch I've ever seen was this spring/summer in this area, but haven't seen much of them since about the July flood.
    • Awesome pictures ! Yes our flood in July plus rains since then have fields flooded and they are full of mallards and woodies. Neighbors are prepping for their ND run I'm like why drive to Williston this year ? I could limit out on mallards and woodies sitting by his mailbox every morning lol. They swim his ditch into the corn and back again, The geese are just kiddy corner and I offered to take him out in the AM no dice, I guess can't break tradition to ND
    • This isn't about other candidates.   This is about Johnson looking stupid on TV, twice in close succession.    Both showed total ignorance of the world.   And it's not just that he didn't recognize that Allepo had something to do with this thing going on in the middle east, or that he couldn't come up with the name of a foreign leader, but that he just sat there with a dumb look on his face and couldn't even think of something to say.   Maybe "Hey, how about them hawkeyes"  would have worked.   (I'll post the joke if you haven't heard it)    
    • So you haven't been paying attention to the other candidates? Their records speak for themselves.
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