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  1. I used one in Grand Rapids area once. I was not impressed with him at all! I used to live right near Mule lake store. I would think you would be way better off using a contractor in the area (especially if you plan on having some work done on it if you buy it) to come look it over.
  2. Marbleye'd

    Cracked ceramic floor tile

    I'm not a flooring guy. But You have to break out the bad tile and grout around it scrape the subfloor as clean as you can and glue down new tile and regrout. The flooring department in whichever store you go to will try to help you if you ask them.
  3. Marbleye'd

    Alpine PMD-B200

    Does anybody know if I can get lake maps on this thing?
  4. Marbleye'd

    Soft lead

    Thanks again!!
  5. Marbleye'd

    Jig Paint

    where's a good place to get paint?
  6. Marbleye'd

    Soft lead

    thanks for the info guys! Another ? Where is a chear place to get vinyl jig paint? Is there a catalog i can order?
  7. Marbleye'd

    Toilet issue

    I would say if you can flush other toilets and sinks drain fine then it would have to be in the wax ring. I was told by a plumber once, that he was on a call to fix a toilet that a home owner had installed, that he removed the toilet and found that the home owner didn't remove the plastic wrapper/ packageing off the ring. It would flush slow and no solids would go down
  8. Marbleye'd

    Soft lead

    Does anyone have any soft lead for pouring jigs? I'm new at it any any advice would be apreciated.... thanks
  9. I was on the "E" and thought i could cut my phone bill down to a third if i went the prepaid route so i found a sciphone i68 4g..... not network but 4th generation... (cheap knock off of the iphone 4) so i bought it thinking i could get tracfone sim or straight talk sim.....I was wrong. So now i have to find a gsm sim card but i want an unlimited plan for all talk and text AND DATA! I cant find one that works on at&t network that offers all three options. Anybody know of one? please help. I haven't got the phone yet so i think it just might go back.
  10. I'm looking for some parts to fix up my camper. I need things like the roof vent cover, door handle, and a water heater. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  11. Marbleye'd

    free games, for kids in duluth

    I got it thank you.
  12. Marbleye'd

    free games, for kids in duluth

    I didn't get an email
  13. Marbleye'd

    free games, for kids in duluth

    I have some old games that only work on old computer too. I gave that one to my son and it has win98 on it. Should work on that I would think.
  14. Marbleye'd

    Motorola Q texting problem

    I got it working by doing a master reset.. Thanks for the help
  15. I got this phone the pther day and it worked just fine and now I get a call saying "why didn't you respond to my text?" I never got it.....So I tried to text back and it comes up an error. My Question is....Is there a connection between texting and memory? I have a memoty card coming just has arrived yet. Or is this thing a piece of @#$%?