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Flasher caddy question

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OK right off the bat let me say, please please don't reply with I should have bought a Vex or I should have bought a something else.

The economy is impacting me as much as anyone else so I'm looking for ways to not spend much money and still get solid functionality as well.

OK so here is the crazy idea I wanted to throw out there. I just bought a MarCum Vx-1 from GM. They have the previous models on clearance and I could not pass up my first flasher with zoom and interference rejection for $199. Like everything, I liked some of the features of the Vex ultra packs, I like some of the function and value of the MarCums. So this morning after using my flasher for the first time and learning how to read the thing, I went in the Mills FF to see if they had soft cases for the VX-1. They did not. No biggie. What I did see sparked my interest. I saw they had just the caddy for the Vex's (the caddy that is the "ULTRA" package) so it has external battery terminals, a charge meter etc. for sale there.

It looks like it uses a gimbal bracket just like the MarCums do, and I thought to myself, why could you not mount any unit on that bracket? So my question is, has anyone mounted a MarCum head unit in one of the Vex Ultra Caddy's? If not can someone that owns a Vex measure how wide the head unit is? They look close by the eyeball, but my eyes always seem to trick me!

I know this may seem blasphemous to the brand loyalists, but hey I'm practical. If I can add this accessory down the road that would be really cool and I'll get to spread my expenses out over time.

What do you think?

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The head unit is very close, it should fit. May need a washer but it should work.

FYI: A Lowrance 320, 520 and 522, an a Eagle 500C..ect..will also fit, converted a couple to Vex case's with no big deals to worry about. The Vexilar summer head unit mount is also an option for these same size units. Folks buy them from me all the time for bow mount applications on boats.

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