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  1. smeese

    Hummingbird 899 Ci HD help

    Anyone run this system? Wondering about what you put settings at for a clear resolution?
  2. smeese

    clam seams failing

    Someone posted about a seam failure in their clam flip house. Who posted that I can not find it and have questions about a claim.
  3. smeese

    combo for bucktails

    -1 for TI rods....Never been that impressed with em. I like my St. Croix and my G Loomis rods much better. Definately agree a 9 foot rod would be nice. I suggest a 1 piece rod but thats just me. I do agree with almost any reel listed above. Any Toro or the Tranx or the calcutta's you will be pleased with.
  4. smeese

    need a boat partner for saturday

    I will be out Sunday and Monday if you want to go . Want to try out my new lures.
  5. Anyone fall back on this method when things are slow? I am very interested in suggestions! ie what lures, how far back, speed etc
  6. Sorry it is so hard to get a answer to a simple question. If you want to fish a tourney the only thing that will count is the official ones. If it is just for personal use I suggest the rapala folding one, and a fabric one for girth. If you just want one for personal use, A sticker one on a piece of plexiglass, or make one from a PVC board used for weather proof decking. Just some Ideas. I second catch and release research!
  7. smeese

    Trolling lures in your propwash

    Thanks everyone. I will hit the Muskie forum as well!
  8. Anyone use this technique? Interested in getting some more info or suggestions on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ie....how far back do you troll, how fast, what kind of lures work best etc?
  9. smeese

    water temps climbing in southern mn

    I took a break as well on my favorite lakes. Time to hit the river for some cats.
  10. smeese

    Muskie Lures of all sorts

    Tell him to keep them, someday he may wish he had when he can not get him back.
  11. smeese

    56 inch minimum?

    I am down for any improvement of the sport. I never intend to keep one. I used to want to get on a 25-30 incher to eat just to try it once, but once I got to a fish that small the law had already enforced a 48" minimum, and I had gotten more involved in the sport and decided that the release was more important anyways.
  12. I painted a couple coats of an oil based paint and then did the carpet squares like stated above. Put a rug down where you typically can put the fish to avoid slime soaking into the carpet.
  13. smeese

    sucker rods

    I like em all and all are good but there is a huge difference between the Tiger Tail and the TT Lite edition.
  14. smeese

    sucker rods

    A cheap option is the Ugly Stick Tiger Tail I think the heaviest they make is a Med/Heavy and it is a unbreakable beast