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  1. sparkydm

    Tune up on Honda Rancher and Honda Foreman

    I've been using Amsoil ATV oil for years in my Honda. No issues at all. Says on the bottle it's wet clutch compatible and approved for use in Hondas.
  2. sparkydm

    plowing snow on gravel driveway

    I have 1100 feet of gravel driveway and I plow mostly with my 350 Rancher. I prefer to let it pack down as well. Otherwise I end up with a lot of gravel in the grass. No fun raking that back into the drive in the spring.
  3. sparkydm

    electric start in winter

    I had this exact issue with my Honda starter. Turned out to be the brush plate. A good cleaning and new brushes was all it needed.
  4. sparkydm

    skid house question

    I have a 6x8 house built very light. I have a winch on the front of my car hauler to get it on the trailer. To get it off, I stuff pieces of conduit or pipe under the skids and roll it off.
  5. Maybe the scope rings aren't perfectly aligned? That would affect the scope. Damaged crown? I have two Ruger M77's, one shoots 2"and the other makes a ragged hole. Might just be the rifle.
  6. I too use a cartridge and bullet to determine length of chamber. Now, when I called Barnes to find out how far from the lands the bullet should be, I was told to start at .050" and go in or out from there. He did not tell me to go by the manual.
  7. sparkydm

    Keeping Warm

    One of the most important things to remember is to avoid wearing cotton next to your skin. Cotton absorbs water and keeps it there. I have had great results using the adhesive backed body warmers. They are larger than hand warmers and I stick a couple on my base layer on my lower back and a couple in front too. The ones on my lower back help keep my back from stiffening up on long waits in cold weather.
  8. sparkydm

    Pocket gopher trapping question

    Thanks for the replies everyone! The help is appreciated. I checked with the township where I live, there is no bounty.
  9. sparkydm

    Pocket gopher trapping question

    Thanks for the reply! I'm using a Victor gopher trap. I've been digging just enough to expose the run and then pushing the traps in the holes in each direction. I will do some extra digging so I can bury the trap in the run instead of blocking it. Is scent an issue? Should I be careful about human scent on the traps? Thanks
  10. Pocket gophers have invaded my property in the last several years. I didn't pay them much mind until mounds started showing up on my septic mound a couple weeks ago. So, I bought a couple traps and gave it a whirl. I caught that one. Then I went after the ones along my driveway. I've tried twice and they have foiled me both times. It seems they find the trap and then plug the run without getting caught. Is it a scent issue? What can I do to fool these critters?
  11. sparkydm

    ATV Break in Period

    How the heck did you put on 10k in just a few years?
  12. sparkydm

    Shelter Belt Question

    Popple creates thick cover and winter food. They will grow from cuttings stuck in the ground.
  13. sparkydm

    electric fire place??

    If the room is insulated, an 8 foot baseboard heater should work nicely and they are cheaper. And no, the floor warming cable will not heat the room. It is designed to warm the floor only.
  14. Looking for take offs, I know there is a place in WBL near Tousley Motorsports but I can't remember the name of it. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.