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river rat316

Fish Caught on your homemeade baits

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We all know its rewarding as he** catching fish on baits you made, lets see some pics of fish caught on baits, I will post some caught on Hair jigs I caught in the past couple weeks, I usually fish alone so pics are hard to come by!



Here is my sone with one caught on a hand poured senko


Here is a mid summer largie caught on a handpour (not huge but still fun)


Last winter on a hairjig


Last summer on a home made buzz bait


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Nice looking Bass , those Smallies are a blast.

This is a 50" Ski I caught October 24th on a Big MaMa, a WTD topwater that I make. MuskiePics016.jpg

Not the best picture but definately a memorable catch.

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If you mean pics of the lures here ya go, pretty simple tie, just bucktail and silicone, favorite color is the simplest to, all black, but then again thats my favorite color for everything in the river!


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