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S.D. Ice Angular

ATV Windshield From the "Big C Store"?

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Hi There,

I am trying to put a windshield on my Sportsman 500 for the ice season this year.

I know that most of you have recommended using the Polaris Lock N Ride.


Has anyone ever tried to put one of these windshields on a Sportsman 500?

I see one of the big sporting goods stores has one of these on their web site.

I really like the idea of having the mirrors on it already but I wish it had a bit more clear area on it.

(Not so mcuh of the lower portion blacked out)

Just looking for some input, I do have points I could use. wink


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If you only have it on for fishing, you should be fine.Wouldnt drive off road with it. They are much warmer going across the lake.

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Hi SomethingFishy, Thanks for your feedback

I had not thought about that I wish I could see one somewhere before I purchase.

I really like the setup you posted in your “Machines are prepped for winter. (w/pics)” post.

I have started to do some research on this via the internet. I have not seen a tinted windshield yet.

The question I have is, What is the model of the windshield you are using?

Also who makes the “Hand Guards” and the “mirrors” you show in them pictures.

How much ($$$) would you say you have in the Windshield w/mouting hardware, Hand Guards & Mirrors.

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Bought the mirror from Cabelas, it goes in the end of your handlebar . Deluxe Handlebar Mirror Item:IJ-521109 $19.99


Black Handguards - 2007 Sportsman/Sportsman X2/Hawkeye

Item# 2875709-177 $39.99


Black Hand Guards - 2001-06 Sportsman

Item# 2874871-177 $39.99


Both windshields I own are Pure Polaris accesories.

Lock & Ride™ Black Low-Profile Windshield – Sportsman Item #: 2875781 $79.99


Lock & Ride™ Windshield – 2005-2007 Sportsman

Mid Windshield - 17.75" Item# 2876018 $119.99

Tall Windshield - 19.25" Item# 2876017 $119.99


I have the Tall windshield as I figured the extra 1.25" would not make much difference.

Heres a side x side comparison of the short black and the clear tall windshield together, and lastly my old 500 with the tall windshield an the mad dog auger mount.




Windshield, handguards, and mirror will all work together simultaneously.

Good luck finding what you are looking for, if you have any other questions I'd be more than happy to help.

Here's to good fishing.

PS: Most Polaris dealers have the ability to discount the prices 10-15% The mirror is also available at most dealers but is at a slightly higher cost.

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Here's another option for windshields. VIP Air brand atv windshield

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Doesn't seem like it would be as easy to take off, pricing is higher than if you figure in buying the handguards and a mirror with your lock n ride windshield.

Just depends what you like. The potential for color match on your link is a nice option.

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I had that windshiled/fairing on my outlander and had a pheasant rip a mirror off without doing any other damage. The fairing is VERY tough material. Mounting them is the biggest issue I had since my machines all have the handlebars completly covered.

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