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  1. VDI makes a "juice box" for the King that is supposed to make a difference.
  2. Kinda the same thing as the auto industry with Toyota being built in Georgia and the "big" 3 being built elsewhere.
  3. jltimm

    UFC 113

    It wasn't Hammertree.
  4. Got it fixed. Replaced the elements and the thermostat.
  5. I had a outdoor wood boiler installed last fall, and now when I go and shut it down I have no hot water from the water heater without the boiler heating it. The water heater is about 12 years old. Whats the life expectancy of a electric water heater?
  6. jltimm

    UFC 113

    I think Silva is bored. Unless someone actually challenges his skill level, he won't show what he can do until some unlucky fighter brings it back out of him!
  7. That's what their ment for OFF ROAD!
  8. jltimm

    UFC 113

    Franklin will beat Lidell IMO. Chuck does stand a good chance of K.Oing Rich, but I don't see it happening. Silva would whoop anyone in the 205 lb division from what I've seen. He made Forrest Griffin look like Forrest Gump in their fight!
  9. I drove a 700 for a little while. Not long enough or the right conditions to get a good feel for it though. Drove it one handed with my daughter in my lap, slowly just checking it out. Seemed like a great machine though.
  10. The steaks were about 3/4" thick. I think they were sirloins. I like my steaks rare and searing them for 2 minutes a side along with cooking them a short time (couple minutes) made them to done for my liking. I may try it again, but I don't think I'll do the oil thing ever again?
  11. jltimm

    UFC 113

    Couture will whoop James Toney. Toney is a boxer and Couture a MMA. Wrestle the boxer and get him off his feet, game over!
  12. jltimm

    UFC 113

    I wanna see Kenny Florian fight Diego Sanchez and Anderson Silva fight Shogun Rua. Them would be good fights.
  13. jltimm

    UFC 113

    I was thinking the same thing about Anderson Silva. He would have both belts easily, and might find someone to give him a challenge in a fight. Huerta just fought somewhat recently I'd thought? Don't know about Neer though?
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