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  1. stumper

    LX7 Question

    versions are 1.1 and 1.2 to see what you have, set your unit to simulator mode and the version will show in the pop-up window.
  2. stumper

    looking for lowrance ice kit for a 522

    Lowrance still makes an ice pack. It will require an adaptor to work with your unit though.
  3. stumper

    Aqua-Vu Micro Issue

    wucha want for it Fool? LOL, Felt like Mr T typing that.
  4. stumper

    Berkley Nano line

    Hmm, I have been using the 3 lb with no issues at all. No huge fish but MANY 7 to 10 inch gills, 10 to 14.5 inch crappies and a few 13 to 16 inch eyes on it so far.
  5. stumper

    Aqua-Vu Micro Issue

    Absolutlty LOVE mine. I know a half dozen guys that also love theirs. No snow in this pic, just my reflection.
  6. stumper

    Opinions on Marcum lx3

    If you hurry you can not only get the 50 dollar rebate but 8 % points back if you have a "club card"
  7. stumper

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    It is located on the back side under the rubber cover. I have never seen a cord come with anything thats "updatable"..BTW, it will use a micro usb cord.
  8. stumper

    no micro or not to micro

    I plan on mounting mine on my "troller bucket". I currently have my showdown troller ram mounted on a Frabill sit n fish bucket so that its out in front of me while fishing. Im gonna re do it to add the camera. I also purchased today a Window mount for a spotting scope. It fits the tube in my trapper perfectly and removes from it in seconds. Ill get pics up when I get it done.
  9. stumper

    Lx7 First Impressions...

    I didnt notice any flickers in the screen on mine. I agree the handle isnt great. I plan on taking 2 short pieces of hose, split them so I can get them over the webbing of the handle and then a little black tape to keep it in place. This should hold the handle up above the unit and make it much easier to handle. After about 5 hrs of use, my battery gauge dint show any changes. Side by side with my LX5 , no interference issues at all. So far I am VERY happy with it!!
  10. stumper

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    The way I understand it.......The target sensitivity adjusts the size of your "marks" without increasing gain. This eliminates clutter you would normally pick up from micro organizms in the water.
  11. stumper

    Showdown Troller Problem!!

    Mine did exactly the same thin. Contacted Marcum, fixed it riht away.
  12. stumper

    Gear check people, list the big ticket main gear you have..

    Sonar 2- Marcum LX-3 2- Marcum LX-5 LX-7 ordered Showdown Troller Camera Marcum 825sd 2 cabelas 5.5 b/w Shack 2- Clam Trappers 1-6x12 permy 1 "grain bin" Shack Transport 2007 Bruteforce 650 with 28 inch Mudzillas 1997 Skidoo F3 600 Auger 2-strikemaster 2.5 hp SOLO lazer 8" Icegator Seeker with 6 inch Nils 4" hand lazer GPS Lowrance HDS5 insight and Lakemaster Dakotas and Navionics north
  13. stumper

    LX-7 vs FL-22 Any thoughts?

    Yup, then add 150 for the ice pack and another 24 for the transducer adaptor and it comes to 813.00
  14. stumper

    LX-7 vs FL-22 Any thoughts?

    elite 5 ice machine retails at 650, right now its got a 50 dollar mail in rebate till the 30th. add a ice kit to a hds5 with basemap and your looking at 750 to 800 depending on rebates.
  15. stumper

    LX-7 vs FL-22 Any thoughts?

    Somones drinking something and Im not sure its koolaid. Your telling us you would turn down 700 dollars and take 500 dollars instead?